Beautiful Garden Design Ideas Interior

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plant rattan planter bright room

Gardening is fun in the indoor area

The breathing and life in General in a room which is full of beautiful plants, can be compared more with nothing. Whether you are a professional or focus in this area until now, drag the sources of inspiration as a starting point into consideration.

Integrate green plants in the room

garden design In the interior living room plants hanging Chair

How does sound, if you want to integrate garden design at home? You have the feeling that anything in your room? These are the plants. If they are healthy and clean, they help to clean the air. Brighten your mood and fill the corners on a very own manner. I think that a room has a truly finished look without at least having a green plant or a pot of bright bulbs.

Station with sink

design garden flower pots In the hallway at home

You should consider a station with flower pots into consideration. Do things when pouring, repositioning the plants and a total of maintaining this easier. A station within reach can save a life. A pool in the washing area can be ideal, but the kitchen can be also suitable, if there is no other station.

Not immediately do you feel the desire to jump into it and to get your hands dirty at the sight of the wooden counter and the stone floor?

The storage area can be quite restricted. But at least you will want to have space for the fertilizer and the accessories. A shelf for extra pots and spices can be ready. You could use an area surely well can be dirty, where you have access to the water.

Use wooden pot

home garden incorporating wood planter side table

Try it with a container of other plants in the Interior.

You must use not always traditional flower pots for your house plants. Try those with rectangular or perhaps with a wine barrel. Make sure that you have a tray under the barrel. You can including put it down and protect your floor from damage, which are set up through the water.

Aloe plant

interior design garden incorporating Aloe plant

Keep an Aloe plant always ready!

You don’t know what plant you should start? I would recommend Aloe. It is easy to clean and how God sent, if you even burned. Cut just a piece of it off elongated and and place the gel-like inner substance directly on the burned site.

Use an old table for more plants

landscaping indoors iron table flower pots

Tables are great if you want to place plants on it

Looking for more storage space for your plants? Then, maybe, you should bring an old table in use. Even rusty, driven by the roadside findings can be irritating if you fill them with green.

Gardening indoors with blooming flowers on the table

garden design home round table In the corridor of plants

Create a group of plants in pots and blooming flowers on the table

The grouping of plants is not only beautiful, but is beneficial for themselves. Keeping this side by side provides more moisture and helps those doing to stay healthier and where the irrigation periods are longer.

The sunny window

landscaping living room before the sunny window

Take advantage of the sunny Windows

Create space before the open, sunny window. You should not waste this space. The stand can help that small plants get as much light as needed.

Plants need less light

garden design In the rooms above the Cabinet on the floor

In rooms with little light, you can also accommodate many plants

If your room is not so much light as you want it, you should not completely give up the House plants. Visit a local nursery and ask what you have to do for the care of plants in such atmosphere.

It is true that if your room gets zero natural light, the plants there do not survive. However, if there is some sort of light there after all, you can get anything to grow… Worth the effort in any case.

Plants in the drawer

decorations for garden design In the Innenberich plant Cabinet

Plants in a piece of furniture

Are you ready to get really creative to do this? Pull out one or more drawers, cover this with waterproof plastic, populate it with fertilizers and put a few plants there.

You can give an old Möbeltück a completely new life in this manner.

Fun in the garden design

garden home design to keep a woman watering

Have good spas work in your garden!

The watering can have more than one color. They’re not always grey. You can opt for a Flash of yellow or pink shade. Also draw a colored apron while you do it!

The combination of green and bright colors will surely improve your mood!

Do you have any special tips or creative ideas for the use of house plants?

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