Beautiful Hydrangeas For A Charming Effect In The Garden

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hydrangea pink yellow blossoms

Exotic hydrangea

Hydrangeas are something like rock stars of the garden design. Ideas that include them, have always a unique and inimitable character.

You can achieve a lot with hydrangeas in the garden . These beautiful flowers can give structure to your garden, and you can use accents in the outdoor area. Hydrangeas don’t care always appear on an interesting manner, in what season it is.

Today, once again we set our interest on them, will proceed but not particularly practical. The species, of which this article the speech will be, are not very common in us. They grow well in different climates.

However, we want to show you, hydrangeas are as fascinating

hydrangeas white flowers classic table decorations garden plant

This finding alone can serve as inspiration to seek out a type suitable for our climate. Do you see it as well?

In other words, we are today a little dream. We would rise about the reality and imagine how we could fill a garden with great and exotic hydrangea and decorate.

The magnificent “Hokomathyst” hydrangea

hydrangea pink green flower Hokomathyst

The practical side

Brighten up the garden

White is of fundamental importance for the garden. Therefore it is very important that you have there plenty of that color. Garden design ideas, with hydrangeas, provide this effect. He is even more great by its rich texture.

Strawberry sundae variety

hydrangeas white Strawberry sundae hydrangea

Choose the right type of hydrangea

The hydrangeas are in different colors and textures. Combine them for a smooth transition or put on the same variety for a monochrome appearance. Both strategies could bring you success. However, make sure that you have found the right place for any type of hydrangea.

Some of the most beautiful hydrangeas…

Snowball hydrangea Annabelle for softness

white Annabelle hydrangeas

If you love most of all other properties of the hydrangea at your own pace, you have certainly seen the snowball hydrangea Annabelle. Exactly this effect will be achieved.

Hydrangea arborescens Haas Halo variety

hydrangeas white blossom Haas Halo

This strain was selected by a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Also its flowers are very gentle. However, this variety is also clean easily. It is heat – resistant and dry tolerant.

Snow Queen – hydrangea

hydrangeas white snow Queen

Snow Queen hydrangea is particularly appropriate for garden design ideas. It integrates also the neutral beige. This nuance and white are beautifully revealed in their flowers on the great green leaves.

Gatsby GAL hydrangea

hydrangeas white Gatsby GAL variety

The next hydrangea, which we show you today is named Gatsby GAL. Oak and soft pink are combined here and as a delightful look is achieved.

Gartsby Moon hydrangea

hydrangeas white blossom Gatsby Moon

Close together this flower ensures a uniquely gorgeous appearance.

Gatsby star hydrangea

hydrangeas white Gatsby star

The Gatsby star shows hydrangea flowers which are quite far apart. You mix white and green. Thus they can be integrated into various garden design ideas which are monochrome and benefit mainly from these two shades.

Cristal ice

hydrangeas white ice crystal

This variety shows a very interesting four leaf flowers. You seem extraordinarily high. So perhaps her name is. Ice Cristal hydrangea extends upwards into the air and pulls out the interest.

Little lamb hydrangea

hydrangeas white Rosa Little Lamb

There are endless varieties of wonderful plants for your garden design, which you can find on the market under the generic term hydrangea. We want to dedicate a variety still our special attention. This is the Little Lamb variety. She has beautiful pink flowers growing close together. These develop beautifully in a plant container and will long decorate your garden!

Research if you want which these hydrangeas for your landscaping might be perhaps fitting. Beyond that, however: would you take what varieties of hydrangea if you would make a dream garden that does not depend on the climate?

The exotic serrata Preziosa

exotic hydrangea serrata Preziosa

That the “tuff stuff” pink beauty hydrangea

hydrangea pink tuff stuff

Gentle flowers in purple

hydrangeas white purple pot flower

The sweet Vanilla Strawberry hydrangea

hydrangeas white Rosa Vanilla Strawberry

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