Boxwood: A Garden Plant With Much Design Potential

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boxwood care garden hedges design garden and landscaping

The boxwood – a plant with great design potential

BUXUS of Semper vierens, as the common boxwood is known scientifically, is an Evergreen and very slow-growing shrub or small tree. The approximately 70 known species in Central Europe, southern Europe, North Africa and Western Asia are home. In temperate climates, it can reach a height up to 8 meters, where in the subtropical area of distribution can be ever 20 meters. Whether as a hedge plant or as a separately standing Solitaire wood of boxwood, is by its dense foliage, a grateful plant for any garden design.Its leaves are 1-2.5 cm long, ovate to oblong elliptic and shiny on top dark green. The underside is much brighter and matt where the edge of the sheet is bent downwards.

The design of the hedge in the garden as art

boxwood cutting garden design and landscaping

The flowers appear from March to may in the leaf axils and are inconspicuous, yellowish, sweet-smelling Blütenknäule. Typically, these consist of a tail female flower and several lateral male flowers. Therefore, the boxwood is described and also as Monoecious.

boxwood cutting potted garden design ideas

Planting and nurturing – a simple thing

Before planting, the site should be carefully chosen with regard to its use as a hedge or specimen trees, because the boxwood can assume stately proportions over time. Paper trees grow and thrive best in a sunny to half shady site. The growth of the book tree promotes a calcareous and humus-rich soil. The boxwood and the planting hole be watered carefully before planting. For the filling of the planting hole a mixture of compost and commercially available potting soil has proved. The success guaranteed daily watering in the growth stage of planting. The boxwood, like all Evergreen plants, tends to frostbite during long periods of frost. Therefore, it is advisable to water in the autumn the boxwood enough.

boxwood cutting garden plants creative garden design

Due to its relatively slow growth, he needed less nutrients than other plants. Fertiliser with a potassium magnesium fertilizer and Hornspäne in late August and early September are therefore completely sufficient. Nitrogenous fertilizers are to apply very sparingly, because these products can encourage fungal diseases.

boxwood care garden hedges design geometric shapes

Multiply – rather than buy

Boxwood can proliferate easily from cuttings. To approx. 10 cm-long two-year shoots are cut in the autumn. The lower leaves are removed and then flat, the shoots are used in potting soil. In the rooms, but without direct Sonneneistrahlung, drive the branches new roots after a short time and can be planted in the next spring at their new destination.

boxwood cutting potted entrance garden figures

Damaging agents – the plagues of all plants

As in all cultures, also of boxwood will not be spared from diseases and pests. The China-born boxwood borer maintained more and more recent years. He is very strongly to the boxwood and destroyed it all stocks. The collecting of the caterpillars, or the splash in the second half of April and mid-July with an appropriate spray, can decimate the borer populations greatly.

Learn more about harmful pathogens, such as aphids or fungal diseases on, at, also advanced and very well understand formulated skin care tips to the boxwood can be found. Various garden accessories such as lamps and garden barbecues, as well as various garden tools are interesting parts of this very beautifully designed website.

boxwood cutting geometric shapes of garden and landscaping

The right cut – no secret

The boxwood hedge or specimen plant, has always been an important artistic role played in the garden art of past centuries. For years, he is brought in the form and receive. Various shapes such as pyramids, spheres, or decorative figurines can be, establish simple and easy with the right pair of sharp scissors (so-called book secateurs), and maintain.To do this, there are a few basic rules that it is important to note, to effectively take advantage of the excellent properties of the growth.

boxwood care garden hedges designThe boxwood drives leaves inside the (close to master) and can withstand therefore also a vigorous pruning. The section measures should be carried out on a dry, overcast day. This prevents the Brown are of the interfaces due to strong sunlight. Also the fungus at the interface is strongly reduced by dry weather. Another tip is to water the tree before the cut properly, it facilitates the cutting operations. Geometric shapes are planned, is a pre-made template for example, cardboard, very helpful. But several templates are available in the trade. The cut should be made basically from top to bottom. Thus, it keeps track when cutting. It is very important to get a dense foliage, the shoots of the last year cut back. Cutting out dry or sick drives reduces the fungus. The optimum cutting period is between April and September. Later cut can cause the newly formed shoots not more mature and freeze in the winter.

The right cut and the perfect shape enormously enjoy the viewer of the garden.

boxwood care garden plants garden hedge

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