Build A Herb Spiral In Your Own Backyard!

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Herb spiral large round boulders potting

What advantages does a herb spiral?

The herb spiral, called also cabbage worm, is a very popular garden design, which often employ many designer and gardener for some time. It goes back to the name of the Australians Bill Mollison. He invented these years in the 70s. The sand patterns of the Aboriginal people served as inspiration. The spiral looks simple at first glance, one wonders what should actually take. The secret is hidden but not so much in the form, but especially in the height. Building a herb spiral you can grow plants in a very effective manner on small surface, that grow in different climates. For the most part, this is achieved through the continuous Aufsteigung and the mixture of soil and sand.

Schneckenförmig made of natural stone and mulch

herb spiral stone mulch garden

The herb spiral usually starts with a small pond, which ensures moist microclimate. Then follows the central part – the normal zone. Here the growth conditions correspond to those of Central European geographic latitudes. The herbs that thrive here best, are for example parsley, tarragon, oregano, Basil or cilantro. The so-called dry zone is located at the top on the spiral. The Earth here is lean and transparent with a high sand content. There is the micro-climate of the Mediterranean. Here you should plant herbs such as thyme, Rosemary, Sage or lavender.

Lovely herbal Empire in front of the House

herb spiral stone wall mulch pebbles

Now the question comes, how as a herb spiral is built. This is of course no black art. Quite the contrary. It is a relatively easy matter that everyone can succeed. Follow our guide and create your lovely herb spiral!

1 step

First you need clever pick the seat for the spiral in the garden. Decide the best for a sunny place, because the herbs need generally sufficient heat and plenty of light. For a spiral of approx. 80 cm high, you should plan a system that has a minimum diameter of about three meters. Disconnect the floor plan of the spiral using pegs and string. He should take the form of a snail and open up to the South.

2 step

Now you dig up the Earth within this area – about ground-breaking deep. If you want to grow a pond, then lift off about 40 cm deep the soil in this area.

Curved, organic shapes

Herb spiral stone flower Earth Schneckenförmig

3 step

Lay the gravel Foundation and build the dry wall. The Foundation should be at least 10 cm thick enough to become stable. Lay the first row of stones in the form of a spiral. Best use a mortar, but put on a dry wall. Her stone is perfectly suited for such a construction. You can use but also bricks, boulders or large stone slabs. The advantage of a dry construction is the naturalness. In the joints can easily embed insects and small reptiles and lead to a mini eco-system.

4 step

Fill the area of the spiral with coarse gravel. The thickness of the layer should be at its core about 50 cm. Then gradually build up the spiral until it reaches 80 cm height.

Thin stone slabs are also ideal for the construction of the spiral

herb spiral stone slabs Schneckenförmig

5 step

The filling itself is also a matter for themselves. You should use only garden soil under no circumstances. Mix the soil with compost for the pond area. Rising upwards off the compost content and the quantity of sand is increasing. The middle zone consists mainly of garden soil with a little compost and very little sand. The top dry zone includes half sand and garden soil. Perfect for the herbs who like it warmer and drier.

6 step
Now remains only that you grow the desired herbs and juicy lives your spiral.

Herb spirals are not only practical and functional, look also very natural and symbolize the eternal evolution, creation and reincarnation. With such a building in the garden, reach all these aspects in one fell swoop and have always fresh herbs for your delicious dishes.

On request you can use also tiles

herb spiral tile mulch

The herb spiral looks even more natural with wood blocks
herb spiral wooden doorway wild

Rectangular alternative from wooden planks

herb spiral plates rectangular wooden box

Or do you rather prefer the braided variant made of willow

herb spiral mini spiral woven willow

Look very elegant round River stones in
herb spiral stone white brick round River stones

If you nevertheless choose to mortar

herb spiral red brick Rosemary parsley strawberries

Herb spiral of Gabion is also not a bad idea

herb spiral stones Gabion

Decorate your spiral with statues and figures of your choice!
herb spiral stone wall round Buddha statue

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