Butterflies In The Garden Attract – Delight Your Eyes With Living Sculptures

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Attract butterflies in the garden

Do you know this feeling? In the garden, everything is finished, it has used the finishing and straw ceiling and plants of course, and now like leaning back in a Chair and enjoy the beautiful view!

But there is also another element under the beautiful surface! There is a fourth dimension, which excites our senses and draws us completely in the place.

The butterflies help the presence of beautiful colors. All of this is invigorating and surprising. Gardening, which is aligned on the butterflies, is probably the easiest thing you can do. You already have the basic elements and they must evolve only.

We begin what you exactly want to grow

butterflies In the garden attract plants flowers growing

Clearly, the first requirement is to put any plants. Can be Evergreen, as well as bushes and trees. You can plant them in groups, or you can use on a casual style.

Formally or not, the butterflies place no value on the style of your garden!

The plants, which grow here are what matters. The bigger the range, the better. The less demanding is the plant, the better. The new plant species of Sonnenhutes, which has two layers of petals, are very irritating for the butterflies. Therefore, they are likely ignore this flower. Simpler is a plant, the better. Highly recommended varieties are: yellow Coneflower, Rudbeckie, water hemp, native mountain Mint, radiant star, Aster. These are great, especially when they have not arisen as a result of artificial planting. The bees feel the natural character and prefer it.

Certain butterflies prefer certain flowers

butterflies In the garden attract figures butterflies stained American Monarch

The so-called American Monarch prefers particularly the glowing orb.

You can find out the be over the years through experiments, because in the different regions, there are different types with diverse preferences.

You want to have just a few butterflies, but quite many? You need plants, where the butterflies use their small

butterflies In the garden attract themselves designing plants leaves milkweed

The milkweed for the American Monarch, fennel and parsley for black swallowtail, plantain for Junonia, would dye for sulphur.

There are a number of trees of particularly great importance. Here is the oak, black cherry, and the pastures.

More water

butterflies In the garden attract design water fountain

Did you know about the huge importance of water for the development of the butterflies? You drink from the drops, which are located in the plant. That’s why a fountain or a different kind Wasserinstallaton is absolutely necessary and useful.

A “vershwindender” Fountain with a rock as the base is as good as the best for the Durst breastfeeding Butterfly

butterflies In the garden attract itself figures plants growing well

You can apply this between the plants and thus a part of the water on the leaves can get.

Use species with hollow leaves, because they have the ability to collect water. That would be about the Fetthänne. Consider also creating a mud hole in considered, because this is particularly appealing for the butterflies. Imagine vividly the butterflies. They have a long proboscis with which they draw both nectar and water.

Create a Habitat

butterflies In the garden attract figures plants winter image snowWow! This is a fabulous winter image! Can you guess the number of butterflies here? There could be dozens of these! Many of these winter in all age groups.

Here is a good reason to not clean the garden in the fall and to cut off all the plants: the butterflies are all dead plants and spend the time until the spring. In addition, the not clean made garden will contribute during the winter for an interesting architectural appearance.Fabulous, or?The beautiful meadow, on which also dry plants are distributed, is an increasingly popular approach in the design of the House. But it is also a paradise for butterflies.

Also, the butterflies are separated from the chemicals, which maybe the garden has been edited. Apart from that, you must be quite careful with the application of this.

Enjoy the beautiful experience

butterflies In the garden attract figures plants butterflies purple flowers

What is there as Genussvolleres as the rest in a garden, you have yourself magnificently crafted? And the butterflies could represent the fourth dimension there.

These may vary in color and size in the different seasons.

But always make our home more beautiful than it has been before!

butterflies In the garden attract purple flowers flowers

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