Certain Geometric Garden Design Ideas

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geometric arrangement of garden design ideas modern landscape

Certain geometric garden and landscaping

It has always taught us, to plant in groups of odd numbers. Still, one should shape the different areas so that they naturally go back and blend. But what happens if we would decide differently? Create what is, if we do the tougher, our plants in even-numbered group, sharp corners and geometric shapes. Can you integrate these strips and blocks of limited species in the design?

In nature, the plants in flurries and groups that merge and intermingle. Thus arises a familiar look that was conducting for the design world as the Edwardian garden from the last century. But fits because this style to the contemporary garden design? You can see its role in the current growth of the new English style. Chelsea flower show recognized this in the projects of leading designer also at the fair in recent years. Is this trend still relevant?

The use of plants in blocks and stripes leads to a simple and minimalist design of the garden. To reach the same striking effect, which we know from the hardscape elements.

Garden design ideas

geometric arrangement of garden design ideas relax furniture

Minimalist garden design has become popular in recent years.  Traditional garden styles require more maintenance time than modern man can afford. The landscape here reduced to the essential. To keep everything simple, but this one manages to create an attractive design. This is a doctrine which you also have to follow in the design of the garden. A traditional running planting can meet these requirements because?

Restricting the plants on blocks and stripes fit beautifully to the geometric design of the room. Single, low-growing Evergreen combine to create blocks and provide a fresh age effect.

A mixed, informally run planting would mess up the General design concept

geometric arrangement of garden design ideas fireplace

In its most extreme form, this contemporary garden here shows the Strip and block concept. The plants range differs here by its original character, it is easy for a block in the garden design.

The plant was restricted not only geographically, but also in its variety

geometric arrangement of garden design ideas Pebble flooring

Combined with geometric shapes of hardscape materials, it is this simple model here.

Green, or even living walls

geometric arrangement of garden design ideas vertical

Called the Green, or even living walls, plants here are an example of simplicity and style, which correspond to the same principles of blocks and stripes designs. They provide great patterns of color and texture. They provide also a perfect backdrop to formal contemporary garden.

Three sized plants bring out the best from the character of this garden design

geometric arrangement of garden design ideas Mediterranean

Several geometric lines ideally complement the overarching design concept

geometric arrangement of garden design ideas plants flowers

Perhaps you think that it is easy to find examples of such kind of planting in modern minimalist gardens, where the simple plants within modern concepts are represented.

But what about the more traditional garden design?

geometric arrangement of garden design ideas concrete frame

You would probably expect that beds like this here are filled with mixed plants. But we see clear lines with geometric flower beds as well as a limited plant schema. I find it interesting that even the trees in a block have been planted. They continue to contribute to the extremely interesting general appearance.

Here you can see once again how beautiful the strips of foliage plants, for example the purple bells (Heuchera) here to complement the design. Behind them is a block of grass planting in dimension.

So even this very traditional garden could resist not the concept of the Strip and block nursery

geometric arrangement of garden design ideas traditionally

The wonderful strip of colored Hostas creates not only a very interesting coloured appearance above the Green ceiling, but becomes a striking feature in the design.

We now look down on this formal garden design

geometric arrangement of garden design ideas weatherproof plants

The simple lines of the pattern of plants can be seen. The plants blocks not merge, but show a very high character.

Although the low-growing plants, such as around the Meadow fescue, their most mature size is not reached, they meet their role between the plant blocks already perfectly.

Mediterranean-style water garden

geometric arrangement garden design fountain water system

Quiet seating area in the Green

geometric arrangement of garden design garden bench seating

garden design ideas geometric arrangement walk concrete walkway trees surrounded

Well kept lawn

garden design ideas geometric arrangement grass area

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