Cheap Garden Design: 5 Questions, Which Any Smart Buyers Make Should

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Cheap to make the garden

The fall season approaching and now is the ideal time for gardening. This is true especially for deciduous trees and shrubs, evergreen species and ornamental grass. This time of year, you can buy the plants at a reduced price, and so the whole thing is even more fun.

This results from the desire of the seller, to avoid the overwintering of the plants in the camps. This degrades and causes many problems.

Many people are very much excited when it comes to purchasing new plants. In some cases, it borders on insanity. Some people have a very long wish list and want to meet these requirements perfectly. My advice: take a few minutes and once again think about what exactly you want to buy.

Note: the purchase is worth only if it fits perfectly to your garden style and the conditions in your garden. The rest will eventually end in a compost.

I advise you to ask the following questions before purchasing:

How the plant at the desired place can really grow?

The Earth is rather dry and hot in your garden is it directly, the changes of the storm or is shady, cool your garden and filled with steam? Read the statement to the plant and check whether they actually can develop itself in your garden.

You need the following criteria to pay attention: suitable climate, demand for Sun (full sun, partial shade or shade), humidity (even in the driest regions growing plants need water and some more than others).

In the area, ask to which seller is an experienced gardener

Do not buy anyone prefer Mr. Discuss with him exactly, which can not be removed the statement to the plant:

-Art of the Earth


-Wind tolerance

-Heat tolerance

-Resistance to storms

-Growth rate

Have you found out so after all these criteria, that will grow the plant where you want? Now it comes to the next important question:

What function will have the plant and can meet them successfully?

Looking for a plant, which will create a focal point in your garden? You will need one with size between 3 and 8 metres. The same mass work wonderfully well, if after looking a little shade and privacy. You can use them on a small porch or in front of floor to ceiling Windows.

Prefer a thicker shadow or to serve as a canopy for a room attached to the exterior the tree?

Now it is true: the bigger, the better. You should focus on the search for plants larger than 10 meters.