Checklist For A Modern Garden Design

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A modern garden design is usually high claims to the Builder

The garden is a place of recreation and relaxation for many people. Some create vegetable beds or fruit trees, others create the surface as a wider area of the House, with rest areas or even action areas for small and large. Who even puts hand actively remodeling should prepare well beforehand and plan the work alone.

Under a modern plant, Garden designers understand the adjustment of own desires and needs in a garden in harmony with the natural surroundings. This can be a lawn with a soccer corner for the children or a pool with terrace for adults. Many things must not mutually, the mix makes it interesting.

Modern garden design- Size and style

Before it comes to the real work, you should measure the grassed area or the area where the garden is to be built. The ideal time for these changes is the spring, because many plants are then. Should however be a heavy soil, for example, made of clay, the green manure with Lupine or radish can take place in the autumn.

You should want to classify the garden in the areas which you either plant, equipped with beds or lawns or otherwise make. Make one or more sketches and mark the respective sections.

The style, all freedoms are allowed you, nevertheless, it is useful to set a direction before the start. Whether Mediterranean, practical, or romantic, hardly limits the ideas. You can here to be inspired, past look at Garden fairs or work out pros and cons list. To reduce the stress in the hardware store.

Modern garden design- Ponds

If size and style are set, it goes to the next major steps. Size and style who has opted for a pond, should note here, too. A small fish pond is easier to entertain than a larger Habitat or a swimming pool.

Red springs are among the most popular pond fish

modern garden design ideas garden pond design

If you want to keep fish, you will notice that the depth of the pond should be at least 80 cm, better 120 centimeters. So the fish can spend the winter. A rule of thumb is to use is a fish with a size of 10 cm per cubic meter of water.

Also you should think according to pond size and fish stocks of a filter, which purifies the water. If you create only a small pond of plants, mostly no filter is necessary. A natural form of a filter is a small watercourse which you can integrate into your garden. The result is a smaller water cycle self regulated.

Have yourself looking for water, you can create a swimming pond, which is also fitted in the garden. With a recommended minimum of 35 square meters and a depth of 1.80 meters, you can however have the correct size of the garden.

Modern garden design- Trees and flowers

Just to add to your garden, quietly leave the existing trees and connect them with their garden planning. Otherwise, the rule is: first the larger trees plant, then shrubs, groundcover and tubers – or onion plants. So you can divide the gardens consciously.

If you like exotic , try it with an agave. The desert plant feels in German gardens, however you should plant the plant in a pot, since she would not survive Frost and winter. Ideal location is a sunny place; water the plant very sparingly. For optimum care you add one-third sand to a normal soil substrate.

If you don’t want to a have back and forth, but still an exotic species in the garden were beautiful, recommend such a hardy Palm. A plant is the important thing to buy, which is at least four years old and 50 centimetres high. A good time for planting is between March and June.

Rhododendrons are popular garden plants – not only in Germany

modern garden design ideas pictures flowers

More hardy and popular exotics are rhododendrons, bamboo and magnolias. In the for more ideas. Stay at the plant selection in the style of their remodeled garden; to make the work easier and get a consistent look.

Modern garden design- Stones and walls

If you want to build a small ways, involve stairs or walls, be sure to use too many at once. That can go in the money first and secondly it usually also not appealing looks. Think about where you want to create spaces and how many.

Stepping stones in the lawn, that serve as a decoration through the garden are a popular item. For this, you should excavate 30 cm to 50 cm to the ground to fill a layer of gravel, which after compaction is a layer of grit added. Now, you are free to incorporate plaster or natural stone.

Sandstones are popular with small ornamental walls, you can install only dry, without mortar. The walls provide enough spaces for smaller plants such as bluebells or stone herb planting. Also staying in the style of your garden. Smaller walls or height differences by means of stairs also beautify the facility without fuss.

Modern garden design- Privacy and garden furniture

With all the love of plants and nature, the person should in the garden feel. When the work is done, you want to put your feet up maybe or fashion a common barbecue. When planning your garden, so remember rooms or areas which can provide you with seating and linger.

Sunshades or awnings protect and decorate

modern garden design images privacy sun

One idea is for example the installation of sight shooters. If you want to protect your garden from prying eyes, on the one hand to a plant tall trees, hedge plants, such as bamboo, Buxbaum or yew. Do not cut them regularly. The growth often takes some time to the desired height.

On the other hand, you have the possibility to bring textile Sichtschutze. Use flexible these in the garden, for example with the help of mobilenOutdoor screens, either in the garden or mount on terrace walls. You can find instructions on this page. For a terrace, there are also Sun awnings or wind protection are.

Garden furniture made from natural materials are among the most popular in German gardens. Welcome materials are wood, rattan or wickerwork. Note the previous style of your garden if you create furniture and seating facilities. Wood or wicker furniture are often very long shelf life as opposed to plastic and withstand certain temperatures and weather conditions. Still you should presume at least this furniture in the winter. This creates a modern garden with room for everyone.

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