Chinese Garden – Typical Characteristics And Inspiration Ideas

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Creation of a Chinese garden

The Chinese gardeners have considered art has always been the garden design. At the same time, centuries-old traditions and also the Eastern philosophy play a very large role for the realization of all their ideas. The first examples of Chinese garden design date back to the 11th century BC.

In contrast to the Europeans and the other far Eastern traditions, there are many elements in the Chinese garden design. You construct a garden and extend thus far beyond mere planting and design of green areas.

But there are also some similarities between the Chinese and European gardening. We take the exact execution as an example. At this, both Chinese and English show an equally large, uncompromising precision.

Change of pace

Different characteristics, which is typical for the Chinese, as well as the English garden style, is the preference for variety.  In both cases not allowing it, even one square meter is boring.

Chinese garden with the typical architecture

Chinese Garden Pavilion garden pond landscaping bridge

Why is the Chinese garden style in Europe popular?

The Chinese garden style has many features which the Europeans overestimate. In addition, he carries his own mysticism and a distinctive architectural character. Like any Eastern garden of Chinese feel harmonious and balanced.

Classical Chinese garden design principles

If you are also interested in garden design in the Chinese style, you stay a little while with us. We describe the classical principles according to which they must be made.

Natural stones and wood are the most popular materials in Chinese gardens

Chinese Red garden bridge Lake conifers Temple traditionally

Natural environment

In the Chinese garden, a natural environment must arise and there prevails. The man who is there, must feel like in the great outdoors. All must feel so, as if it were previously not handled by humans.

The different areas must be all suitable for relaxation and meditation.

Individual elements

No matter how small is a Chinese garden, it should contain individual and made to measure items. Aspiring reaching a multi-layered perspective, integrating garden paths, bridges, etc.

The clear separation between different areas in the garden is also very important. This can be done by plants or components. You have but usually always an architectural appearance.

Natural perfection with plenty of water and rock

Chinese natural stone garden pond rocks gartenpavillion


Water is a compulsory element of Chinese garden design. Refers to this as “Mirror of the world” and as a symbol of perpetual movement and development.

There should be no large entanglement between man and water. This stops the flow of positive energy.


The stones are another important element of Chinese garden design. You are there to provide a balance between the other strong elements in the garden. The water and the trees are in the particular case.

Oasis of peace after Chinese-style

Chinese Garden Pavilion stone Willow pond trees

The selection of the trees

The selection of the trees is also very important for the Chinese garden design. Bare root, crooked trees and other irregular lines are not desirable. You make the garden look very unharmonious.

Plums and peaches are typical of Chinese garden design. These are the trees of happiness.

Also like planting a willow. They symbolize the beginning of male – Yang.

According to the Chinese philosophy of the Garden represents a natural extension of the House. He must necessarily be covered with many plants to protect it from bad energy.

The plants also keep the good energy and introduce it in the House.

Traditional Chinese pavilion

Chinese garden gartenpavillion Garden House pond trees

Rhododendron and Stone lanterns

Chinese garden blütenstäucher Garden House trees park pavillion

Wavy garden walls are often preferred in Chinese gardens

Chinese natural stone garden wall garden stone bridge

Stone lions and round doorways are just as popular and popular

Chinese garden statues garden wall round door lion

Fabulous architectural art and centuries long tradition

Chinese garden Lake Garden Pavilion bridge

Chinese Garden Pavilion garden pond

Chinese natural stone garden pond vegetation

Chinese bamboo garden Stone lanterns garden fence gate wood

Chinese gardens Garden Pavilion garden pond landscaping

Chinese tribes garden bamboo gel

Chinese garden pavillion pond trees typical architecture

Chinese traditional architecture garden parkland trees Lake

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