Chrysanthemum Autumn – Interesting Facts And Useful Tips

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Chrysanthemum garden ideas garden plants autumn plants garden path

What should we know about the autumn-flowering Chrysanthemum

The Chrysanthemum, which grows in autumn decorates our garden in a wonderful way. As long as possible to enjoy its beauty, we should select the flowers with care, really plant these, and also maintain. Thus, we achieve these colours in our autumn gardens.

This flower has a beautiful color palette

chrysanthemums autumn flowers beautify garden ideas

A really colorful season

At the end of the summer, many beautiful species of flowers wilted. You do however new, autumnal beauty space. These include among other things the autumn chrysanthemums. Great forms and nuances to take. Chrysanthemums are something like the divas of the autumn garden. They delight us with long and splendid heyday. It takes weeks and not just a few days.

Beautiful Herbstdeko for outdoor use

Chrysanthemum garden beautify autumn flowers Halloween decoration ideas

Fancy Austrahlt, chrysanthemums and pumpkins in a wheelbarrow to unite

chrysanthemums coloured decorative garden gourds Herbstdeko

In keeping with the Halloween decoration

Do you want that harmonize the chrysanthemums with your decoration for Halloween? Choose then preferred varieties in Orange, bronze, yellow and creamy white.

Interesting Halloween decoration – combination of white chrysanthemums and black cat

Chrysanthemum White Halloween decoration ideas black cat

Combine with green plants

Do you have many green plants in the garden? They serve wonderful as background for chrysanthemums in the following colors: pink, lavender, white and red. Believe us: If you spice up the garden with such shades, look forward to the season up. No gloomy weather would spoil you the mood.

The beauty of Chrysanthemum characterized under the various leaves

Chrysanthemum autumn flowers garden garden plants decorating

Autumn chrysanthemums in plant containers

Autumn chrysanthemums look good as container plants. While choosing a vessel made of clay. The flower pots look great as a work. Decide in this case for chrysanthemums, which endure the mild autumn cold.

Chrysanthemums in flower pot beautify the garden as well

Chrysanthemum flower pot garden figures fall

Think long term

Usually you should plant fall chrysanthemums in the spring. They would spend the winter and bloom again next year.

Decorate the garden with beautiful chrysanthemums in pots

Chrysanthemum autumn care garden figures

Search for sustainable hybrids

On the market you will find various hybrid forms for of the Chrysanthemum. They are specially developed so that they survive longer and somewhat harsher conditions. Some other varieties may seem natural, but they fade faster.

Colorful garden design provides a cheerful atmosphere

Chrysanthemum garden different colors decorating

Care of autumn chrysanthemums

Choose the suitable place for the planting of chrysanthemums. There, the plants should get at least six hours sunlight. If the chrysanthemums have enough of them, they grow not lush. They have slender bars and bring little flowers.

Autumn offers also beautiful ideas, how you decorated original

Chrysanthemum autumn garden decoration ideas pumpkins


Definitely not the chrysanthemums must dry. Once they start to grow, you should pour it once a week. If the leaves in the lower part of the rod begin to wither, you should pour one more often. You may again leave the plant in the water. So she would wither easily.

Bring by chrysanthemums colour and joy in the garden

Chrysanthemum garden ideas garden plants Herbstdeko pumpkins


Autumn chrysanthemums are typically twice per month to pour. Continue this until she collapses in cold time. However, you should fertilize only the perennial plants.

Chrysanthemums that bloom in the fall

Chrysanthemum autumn varieties flower pots garden beautify


Don’t worry, because none of the pests occurring commonly in the garden can do something the chrysanthemums.

Chrysanthemums give the outdoor charm and appeal

Chrysanthemum autumn varieties garden porch plants beautify

Decorate the porch with chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum garden design plants fall ideas

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