Colorful Garage Design – Redesign Of The Old Garage

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colorful garage design pink orange textures pillow carpet

This converted garage is transformed into a seating area with fresh, bright colors and get a whole new look

“Our yard looked as if it was built ages ago. “And we decided to convert him to us and to make a bright, colorful seat there.” In 2007 have the homeowner that turn garage into their second living area.          “We made the decision last summer, it was high time for the frame in the courtyard, so that he gets more individuality and originality.”

The atmosphere is casual and playful and that raises the attention of our guests. When the summer ended, we use for relax and recreation. the space”

The atmosphere in the garage has Flash color accents and expressive character.

The garage remodel – colorful garage design

colorful garage design home owners partner dog

colorful garage design old space new life

The side table in the living room is actually large plant container with Glasoberfläche.Grelle oversized throw pillows make chairs more comfortable look the rattan – not to speak of the way out! Doug (left) and his partner Tim Stewart with her dog, Mathilda, just makes NAP on the granite floor.

Pink accents

colorful garage design pink butterfly Chair folding

The barn door occupy little space. Tropical plant species hide the yellow tons next to the fence. Pink Flash pots emphasise the path from the House to the outside.

Beautiful, striking panels

colorful garage design mirror rattan frame tropical plant

The sofa (in the first picture) is a bright pink and orange throw pillows decorated. The house owner Doug Wallace is inspired by the design in the Missoni Edinburgh hotel. The Arco floor lamp shines on the side table.

Cherry punch – drink bar

colorful garage design picture frame pink color bar drinks

This table, which is used as the designer area, found the owner in the alleys and spray painted matt black. Showcase consists of the same material from which the panels are manufactured. The Abbot rock cloth is of Louis Riel (founder of the Manitoba).

How can you convert the garage or outdoors?

colorful garden design Orange pads Chair table

Imagine, the garage is a natural extension of your home and provide the details. First, decide for the use of this space, and then add furniture fittings and accessories. Forget not the colors and patterns. Here, we suggest some ideas, how you can turn the garage into a warm, inviting space.

Cover the walls with canvas lining or pieces of fabric
Use floor lamps
Place a soft carpet
Paint the ceiling
Create modular floor tiles

Elegant, compact sitting area in the shadow of colorful garden design sitting area backyard

Lounge on the sun terrace – black rattan furniture

magnificent garden veranda terrace design

Three massive wooden chairs in the backyard – striking privacy

colorful backyard design privacy wood Chair cushions

Attractive outdoor area – built-in fireplace heated the nights on the terrace

beautiful terrace design Orange low sofa furniture set

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