Colorful Garden Design And Garden Decor – The World’s Largest Flower Garden

Editor   February 5, 2014   Comments Off on Colorful Garden Design And Garden Decor – The World’s Largest Flower Garden

landscaping and beautiful Gartendeko Netherlands

Colorful flower garden in the Netherlands

Love the flowers, plan to visit – the land of windmills and the Tulips in the Netherlands. Spend a whole day in the most flower garden in the world, is located near the small southern town of Lisse.

Park Keukenhof still gardens of Europe named is a place where natural appears in a magical atmosphere of many. More than 160 history behind this garden design, which includes some gardens, where visitors can enjoy not only the flowers but also the attractive artworks of modern Dutch art. Take a walk in the park with a total length of 15 km. You can rent a bicycle, buy flowers and tubers.A pity that you can, visit the park only within the framework of four months in the spring , but the experience and remember it long experience…

Colorful garden design and Gartendeko

colorful landscaping and trees

Wealth of colors

colorful landscaping and Gartendeko visitors

A fairy tale in the reality

colorful garden design Gartendeko walk steps

A footpath of purple flowers

colorful landscaping and Gartendeko Netherlands splendor fairycombination of flower colors colorful garden design Gartendeko Park Spring Netherlands

Cute, fresh flower bed

colorful landscaping and Gartendeko splendor flowers

Orange and yellow tulips

colorful landscaping and Gartendeko red tulips

Interesting pattern shapes from colorful Tulip blossoms formed

colorful garden design Gartendeko red tulips flower bedunrealistic flower colors colorful garden design Gartendeko bright red tulips

Peace and serenity in the open air

colorful landscaping and Gartendeko tulips red path

In the spring, many visitors admire this natural beauty

colorful landscaping and Gartendeko pond

Beautiful flower bed

colorful garden design Gartendeko pond levels

Saturated Tulip colors – purple and pink

colorful landscaping and Gartendeko tulips spring bed

Magnificent natural environment – water jump serves as a clever water system

colorful landscaping and Gartendekocolorful landscaping and Gartendeko wind mills

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