Colorful Garden Decor Yourself Make – How Can The Outdoor Refreshment

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colorful Gartendeko yourself make strip flooring blue green stool Chair

Color ideas for the backyard

Have a backyard and you want that he will be an integral part of the equipment of your House? If Yes, then read on, because the following ideas could be very useful for you.

Strip beneath the feet

Do you have a pretty consumed Vynilboden? Then could you cast it perhaps in a great outdoor area? Turn the surface, paint it in a shade you popular. Make sure that you use a color that fits perfectly to the exterior design.

Umbrellas – make colorful Gartendeko yourself

colorful Gartendeko flooring concrete wood sofa coffee table umbrella

Provide sun protection with style. Beautify your backyard with a screen, which contributes to a funny colour facilities.

Colorful Gartendeko yourself make – carefree pattern

colorful Gartendeko yourself making throw pillows stained Strip wood chairs

Provide a consistent appearance of furniture and accessories through their execution in a uniform color palette of your choice. A selection of furniture knits all together in the seating area, if all the details with strips are provided. A carpet in the outdoor area provides a uniform appearance.

Light solutions

colorful Gartendeko pink Garden Bench wood flower pots plant

Colored planters are a simple method by which you could brighten up your space. Feel free to combine many colors, sizes and materials.

Video: Lighting in the courtyard made easy

Watch this video and you will learn how to install poor lighting and solar landscape lights in an afternoon.

Color over the heads

porch swing flower pot ceramic dog rattan chair

Provide for more depth in your equipment by running the roof of terrace in a contrasting color. Even if you have to do with a simple change, this represents a unique color enrichment. You will achieve a unique swing in the room as a result.

The style of the front door

colorful Gartendeko yourself make decoration garden patio door red

To enforce a colour nuance in your House, you do this in a lebensfreundlichen hue. Look for a shade, which fits well with the architecture of your home. Here you decided for a juicy red, which achieved a great combination together with the sea foam.

Corresponding colors

color purple flowers pillow colorful Gartendeko yourself make

Look at the flowers and the plants themselves in your yard for a colourful inspiration. Use the found shading to fill your terrace with accessories. Purple cushions fit well with the blossoming colors in plant pots in the vicinity.

Playing with patterns

rattan garden furniture set table sofa

In addition to colors, you can use also pattern to animate the exterior. In your outdoor areas, initiate pattern in the same way as you would do that out there.

Shades, which you could use

Laterinen colorful Gartendeko yourself make blue metal chairs white yellow

Swipe the Dining chairs in bright shades. Worn out surfaces and bold Accessories give a more personal charm an open plan living area.

Focus on the color

ball Orange Chair color shine colorful Gartendeko yourself make

Enliven your outdoor through decorative colored accessories. Look these garden sculptures, the rose beads and accent furniture. You and the accent furniture could spice up great your room by their color.

Color in advance

stained door black stand plants

Although the backyards for colored solutions are very popular. But it could revive great and the terrace at the front in this manner. Use colored plant containers, or even one or two garish shaded great furniture pieces.

Make colorful Gartendeko yourself – carpets cut

stool carpet small balcony porch planters colorful Gartendeko yourself make

Consider different options for rugs outdoor in consideration, to more comfortable look to it. Those can be purchased in many different colors and sizes now. They look just like the carpets inside, but they are not damaged by moisture, Sun and other external conditions.

Eat, surrounded by exuberant shades

tablecloth canopy Chair rattan

Dining in the fresh air can be more beautiful by a coloured tablecloth. This will give the dining room a particularly appealing touch.

Colorful Gartendeko yourself make – nice fabrics

colors Pergola colorful Gartendeko yourself make

You could equip an outer space mainly due to substances. Here, it has equipped the terrace almost like a living room. The Plush Pillow cover for outdoor fitting the pattern and the wood construction is used as coverage and protection from the wind. The hanging panels reminiscent of window. Accents such as lamps and Chronicly complete the look.

Wall art outdoor

clay flower pot hanging colorful painted plants

You want to equip colorful outdoor? Then you could provide as a fence with old plant containers. They will look like new with small repairs and some color. Take nine terracotta vases and paint the base. Then, sprinkle them with a little color. Provided the points at which the pots must be placed on the lattice and bring the pots on it. Bring the special constructions for fitting the pots at the fence and put them on it. Fill each colorful pot with fresh herbs.

Colorful accents

colors metal garden chairs hammock colorful Gartendeko yourself make

Provide a bit more color in an outdoor area where you like to sit. In this case here, the Green, pink, and orange metal chairs come right to the fore.

Dining in the courtyard

purple glass door dining table Garden Bench lanterns

Here we see lovely blue-purple doors and these give the Court a pretty colorful character. Because it borders on the kitchen of the House. Therefore, the simple picnic table is perfect to prepare food there.

Make the charm of a hut – colorful Gartendeko yourself

Garden House flowers shingle roof door window colorful Gartendeko yourself make

Previously here, probably was a Garden House. It has probably given this a whole new color and around jagged trim. Before you begin, you add one or two layers of water-based ink and so the creative idea will last longer.

Lovely details

Hand-painted motifs such as this one, which show a botanical character, are a great way for the spice up the exterior design.

Nice post

Blau Grün fence painted plants flowers

Separating the garden from the rest of the Court so a beautiful fence like this one. The garish green and blue traces stand out against the background of grass and plants out. The fence is colored, no matter from which point of view, looking at him.

Party mood

green metal garden chairs blue coffee table flowers

Metal furniture are generally cheap and they give an own, individual character the garden or the yard. The drink cart waiting to be brought into use. Its Lake four area is always easy to use.

Coloured approach

Orange curtains sofa flower vase requirements colorful Gartendeko yourself make

You can start in the courtyard with the colored facilities in General. Orange accents, such as for example the cushion, suspended substances and an oversized bed stand out against the green background. Here also you will find candle holders made of wood and plants in pots. All these ensure the dominance of natural elements in the design. It has many seats and multifunctional tables. Such a court is exactly the right place, where one could enjoy sunny days.

What color will your yard be? Which of these ideas for ” make colorful Gartendeko yourself ” could help for the Spice it up?

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