Colorful Shrubs For Your Garden

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colourful bushes Diabolo in Burgundy

Colourful bushes for your unique garden design

Today we present you 27 great, colourful bushes, that unmistakable flair will give your garden. They have interesting names and a unique character. They come from all over the world and give you much pleasure. Invite these exotics and let them feel at home!

Above you can see the first crop from our collection – the bubbles spiere Diabolo. North America is home to this Bush. Hardy and robust plant heat and drought – periods survived. The hares and the deer ignore it normally. The foliage is purple and will look beautiful in your garden. At the beginning of the summer the plant has delicate white flowers and peels in the winter the bark in an odd way. Its botanical name is Physocarpus ‘Monlo’ and is up to 3 m high.

Black elderberry

colourful bushes Sambucus Eva

Sambucus is a very elegant plant and many gardeners have just fell into it. Their purple black leaves resemble a fine lace. Its Latin name is Sambucus ‘Eva’. It grows very quickly and is easy to clean. Is 2.5 m high and reaches a diameter of approximately 3 m.

Wig brush

colourful bushes of Cotinus

The wig shrub Cotinus is a very strange creature. Their leaves are velvet out of. They change in the winter from purple to orange-red, and in the spring the plant with delicate pink flowers flowers. Sometimes, the wig shrub can reach up to 4 m height. The plant is robust and loves almost all soil types.

Pink Weigela

colourful bushes Weigela Rosa

The Rosa Weigelie is a small shrub with great effect. It is about 1.5 m high and has beautiful pink flowers in spring. It is drought resistant and wild animals don’t eat them like deer for example normally.

The Stauch Veronika

colourful bushes lifting purple

Here comes the Stauch Veronika. Beautiful purple flowers adorn the elegant leaves, the by are purple slowly to green. The plant is medium in size and can reach up to 2.5 m height. It’s an Evergreen beauty.

Blue Pike rose

colourful bushes Rosa Glauca

Rosa glauca or blue Pike rose called. There is no classic rose, but a shrub that can be up to 2 m high and has beautiful grey purple leaves. Beautiful pink flowers decorate the plant in the late summer and rose hips, which then attract the birds form in the autumn.

Sky bamboo nandina

colourful shrubs nandina monumen

Nandina ‘Visit’ is the botanical name of this wonderful plant. You will change color throughout the year. At the beginning as young plants the leaves are purple and with time they become dark green. In the winter, the foliage is dark purple. The sky bamboo is about 1.5 m tall.

If you look at the next lovely shrubs and bushes from our collection, you will determine that each has its own charm. All but some common – they will make your garden unique and colourful. Select your Favorites and invite them into your garden with love and joy.


colourful bushes Loropetalum chinense

Rose glow barberry

colourful bushes Berberis thunbergii

Bubbles spiere ‘ DART’s Gold’

colourful shrubs of Physocarpus


colourful bushes Sambucus racemosa

Sawara Falsecypress

colourful shrubs, Chamaecyparis Pisifera

Gold Green spindle-tree

colourful shrubs Euonymus Hoskins Unei

The vinegar tree

colourful bushes rhus Typhina

Japanese spiraea

colourful shrubs spiraea japonica


colourful bushes Kolkwitzia

Harlequin candy

colourful shrubs Salix Integra

Japanese Laurel

colourful bushes Aucuba japonica

Chinese Lantern

colourful bushes Abutilon Pictum

The osmanthus fragrans

colourful bushes of osmanthus Heterophyllus


colourful shrubs Ilex aquifolium

Cornus alba

colourful bushes Cournus Alba


colourful bushes Hydrangea macrophylla

the Daphne

colourful bushes Daphne Burkwoodii

Weigela Florida

colourful bushes Weigela Florida


colourful bushes Fothergilla major

Honey Bush

colourful bushes of Melianthus major

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