Country-oriented Garden Design – From The Fountain On The Selection Of Plants To The Garden Table

Country-oriented garden design

A successful garden design starts with planning. Before it comes to the ground-breaking ceremony, you should write down his ideas, wishes and possibilities. A modern garden concept offers an interesting combination of plants, land classification, and garden furniture, which result in a harmonious symbiosis. A country-oriented garden design is a popular method to create the garden. You allows plenty of room for creativity and can be cut to ideal on the own claims. A creative and appropriate planning is to be create in four steps.

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Step 1: The inventory of land

The first step of the garden planning deals with the existing plot. To do this, the following questions are important: how big is the plot? There are structures already that do not move or change?

Which items should stay?

Sufficient for the measuring and sketching of the garden plot a simple ruler and graph paper. A faithful record of the outlines of the offers an excellent basis for the work. The scale of 1:50 is clear; a centimeter on the paper corresponds to real measurement length 50 Zentimeternder.

Step 2: The wish list

Is the decision for a country-oriented garden design once made, concrete ideas can be collected in the next step. Depending on of the chosen country, exist for that very different approaches – here are some examples:

Scandinavian design        Screen of wood, raised bed, Swedish-style garden House

-natural but not savaged

Japanese design                 Rockery, pond with Bridge, fountain, Zen elements

Spanish design               Terracotta pots, decorative fountains, Pergola

The selection of suitable design elements is great. In addition to permanent structures such as ponds and flower beds, garden furniture and decorations are a great way to conjure up a particular flair in the garden.

Garden Center and furniture stores lead matching items to many styles. So, there is the provider of Gudewer, which offers garden furniture in a wide variety of designs with different country orientation for example in Hamburg. With a transparent paper, you can enter the individual elements in the site plan. As can be seen at a glance, what arrangement at the bestemzum garden plot fits.

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Step 3: Detailed planning

The package is put together each part in the site plan is entered. Now it is time to take concrete decisions to the look and to the execution of planned elements and structures in the individual areas of the garden. The detailed planning arrives on all elements that should be present in the country-oriented garden. These questions are such as following:

The privacy of dark or light wood be made?
How high rise beds above the ground?

What color should the stones for the bed boundaries have?
How large should be light elements that illuminate paths and indirect light donate?

This planning step is also important to plan the existing budget sent. Certain types of wood and stone shapes are more expensive than others. Properly combined, it remains in the budget and created a unique, country-based garden which rises an efficient planning and meets all requirements.

Step 4: Selection of plants

Professional advice in the nursery is the best way to complete the garden planning. To make a garden, which blooms all year round, the right selection of the plants should be noted. With einerkorrekten flower selection and planting, the respective country style is ideally rounded:

Japanese garden               Succulent plants for the stone bed, cherry blossoms, bonsai, ferns, bamboo, azaleas

Italian garden              Vines on the Pergola, lemon trees, olive trees

Scandinavian garden      Herb and berry bushes. Ornamental plants, Lupine and grasses

Cleverly placed, the plants fulfill multiple tasks. Not only beautiful looks a flowered Pergola, there’s also a shady spot in the summer. High bushes at the edge of the garden serve as privacy from nosy neighbors. Fragrant plants such as roses and lavender are a pleasant company close to the seat.


With proper planning, is the implementation of a beautiful, country oriented the way garden concept. By the fountain about the selection of plants to the garden table – a well structured interaction between of all the elements gives a unique garden design. Many ideas and tips to implement let when online providers such as Gudewer and landscape gardening information, offer the country-oriented garden design.

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