Create A Unique Air Plant Terrarium

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air plants terrarium amazing Etsy Shop

We love the air plants by Freshideen

They represent not only a big difference, but it can also present them in a different way. You can do that with the help of shells and with facets pots wonderful. Today we you a certain present representation strategy. Also a number of ready-to-terrariums can be ordered online. Many are available with air plants. Still they are often super great decorated with other details. [According to sea & asters]

Today, we show you some ways to prepare those themselves. It has one with many different ways to do, no matter whether you yourself at once ordered the accessories or these yourself from somewhere worried.

At this point, also the main advantage of which mention air plants Terarrium ! Do you know which one is that? Air plants get the nutrients and moisture from the air and it takes no additional substances in the terrarium. As a result, you can say that this kind of design offers you virtually unlimited possibilities.

DIY air plant terrarium ideas

air plant terrarium glass stones

We start with a selection of such projects. At the appropriate point, we will mention the required accessories. The first example will show us that in this case the simplicity in the magnificence of the apparition pays off. You can compare other the clear shapes inside a glass globe with something. I love the contrast between the Green and the stones. We look at project by Ciera design the Ciera. It includes special rocks and bowls, which has collected the artist on their holidays.

A glass bowl is the perfect container for this DIY plant project. It was designed by Lauren Donaldson. They brought Golden spray in usage to the Spice it up. This one has embellished the trophy by a simple geometric shape. In this case, beans are used as a simple alternative to pebbles.

Just the de-personalizing touches make a terrarium unforgettable

air plant terrarium DIY project Lauren Donaldson

The idea of the project of the air plant terrarium below has served as a special gift. The handmade clay is something the manufacturers should be proud. The whole thing gives a great style of the vignette.

Do we also look at the elements in a different enclosure? It is the DIY air terrarium by Mstetson planning the speech. It includes white sand, dry Craspedia and stones.

The white-on-white effect is really striking

DIY air plant terrarium idea gift

Can further discuss the subject of accessories

terrarium sand vibrant colours air plants

At this point, I would mention some great manufacturer of air plant terrariums. I buy best air supply co., Etsy shop, CTS Airplants plans. What can you install otherwise to the terrarium? There are virtually no restrictions! You need no earth, so one can use also sand with different nuances.

Still, you could use broken shells sand, too. Do you want a few examples of great shades? The image here serves you wonderfully and the nuances are Zen Marimo from the provider of eclectic.

Draw also shells and other unusual nuances into consideration

Red Sea idea air plant terrarium

How about this Red Sea fan of seashell supply company. Would this not a great addition to your DIY terrarium? Minerals and polished pebbles can also represent a turning and pivotal point in your terrarium. Let alone the fact that searching for an unusual flower container makes a huge difference. Below, we see a small terrarium of the Etsy Shop called Sun and glory.

When it comes to the selection of a flower container, tend to a glass globe with holes?

plant container glass ground air plants

Then you should also benefit from the advantages of this design. The small circular holes, put great accent tree. Thus you will ensure more height and interest. This terrarium here is the offer of Etsy Shop and is called “Lake and Aster”.

The design is simply unforgettable, I think!

air plant terrarium ground glass container

Air plant terrarium accessories

fruit fruit forms air plant terrarium

Did you know that it can be very funny, one after the other to assemble the accessories for the terrarium? However, if you have not so much time, you could order also a set, where there is everything you need.

In this terrarium by Viva Terra one has reintroduced a unique work made of recycled glass in use

air plant terrarium Mussel sea Lake

Also, if you order it, you’ll get to it with four air plants and sand.

The next plant container stands on a base. Stuffed is it with sand, sea fan and marbled cone sleeves. Small pebbles create a soft cushion for the plant (Tillandsia Ionantha). You get all the accessories need also immediately get.

Now let’s look at another example. In this case the blue leaves wiederverwende glass a great impression. Done in particular by the contrast with the white finger coral. Black sea fan and the Tillandsia Ionantha here represent the Shwepunkte.

Sand and gentle green air plants complete the look.

air plants terrarium sand skirts glass

Add more dimensions and colors by MOSS and soft stones if you order this piece of Brooklyn terrarium.

air plant terrarium sand skirts glass

Has today’s post gave you some fresh ideas? Take the time and look really interesting accent pieces. Elevate the terrarium by your creativity to a particularly high status. I wish you much fun!

Has today’s post gave you some fresh ideas?

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