Creative Gardening Tips: Plant Container From Old Car Tires

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garden ideas garden plants old car tyre paint reuse purple

Inspirational Garden Tips: reuse old tires

We could present many ideas creative under the title ‘gardening tips’. The aspiration to be original and practical at the same time, as well as the breakthrough of unconventional thinking, provide a great diversity. It offers many ideas and possibilities that would have been unthinkable until a few years ago. How about some ideas for garden with car tires? See the project below!

The flowers look attractive in a car tire

garden ideas DIY ideas colored flowers old tires

Car tyre plant container map on the individual steps

garden ideas old car tires red strike colored flowers

Provide a stylish garden design with old car tires

garden ideas old tires white paint garden plants

Blue paint the car tires

Garden Tips DIY plant vascular of old car tyres blue

If you use the colorful car tires in the garden, your outdoor Gets a chic industrial and at the same time lively character.

Materials you need

One or more old car tyres;
Paint: In the form of spray, it is easier to use, because with this you would reach the concave areas easier;
Piece of nylon, that is slightly larger than the tires;
Earth and flowers.

These self-made plant containers are a real eye-catcher in the garden

old tires DIY purple plant container garden ideas

Two tires match each other and create an interesting plant container

Garden Tips old car tires reuse Kreaative garden ideas

Combine with bricks and cacti

old car tyre plant container gardening tips garden design

Achieve a rustic garden look

Garden Tips unusual planters old tires DIY ideas

Steps to the realization of the project

First clean the tires. Use for the detergent and the brush. In retrospect, this would ensure that the paint is better on the material.

Now lay the piece of nylon on the ground. Now you delete one after the other on the outside the car tires. For each individual strip of car, you need a separate piece of nylon, or but they have to wash it every time.

The car tires with spray paint

garden ideas old car re oven reuse garden painting spray

Well clean the tires and give this a nice look

plant container gardening tips colored car tires make

Let the colored car tires dry very well. Then place the car tyres in the designated location. Fill the inner part with Earth. It remains only to insert the desired plants there.

Through multiple car tires you give character the garden

Garden Tips garden plants plants container DIY

Give the garden an industrial grade

garden ideas old car tyre recycling tips

Easy and appealing

We have chosen this idea for two reasons. She is first of all beautiful. Secondly, it shows how modern gardening tips and projects have to look. You must be simple, original and useful in the long term.

By the way, the realization of the idea with the tires allows you much freedom. The arrangement of this lies solely in your hands.

Make unique look the garden

garden ideas failed Plantcontainers colored flowers

Creative DIY idea for the plant containers in the garden

garden ideas tires DIY ideas garden plants

What plant you in the old car tires?

garden ideas creative DIY ideas old tires

Let your imagination free space

Garden Tips creative DIY garden ideas old tires

Creative and original idea, how to make a strange plant container from an old car tire

Garden Tips beautiful garden ideas plants vascular tires

Bring some color in the garden

Garden Tips garden plants of old car tires ideas

Coloured eye-catcher in the garden

Garden Tips old car tires colored Blumntöpfe

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