Decorative House Plants – Easy Care Potted Plants

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Aeonium species potted plants

Popular, easy to grow pot plants for every home

There are numerous plant species around the world, but some of them possess decorative properties which they act weird and popular. Apart from that, if you want to grow the plants in the outdoor or indoor, they look really nice and attractive. This effect needs but regular care and maintenance.

You should learn first very well the plant species, to properly maintain their decorative properties. They have their needs, according to which we should focus. Mostly dealing with the substrate, the acidity of the soil and more thematic issues.

Decorative house plants

Aeonium black hybrid potted modern

Easily you can fertilize the flowers and most of the time, they require a specific irrigation. Rainwater is best suited to the indoor plants . So they grow up properly, you should ensure the necessary humidity. All factors are very important and we must depend on them. If we want to grow potted plants at home, it is advisable to consult an expert.

Beautiful Christmas tree

red poinsettia leaves flowers original

Star of Bethlehem is a beautiful houseplant, which flourishes only in the winter months and is home to one of the most magnificent flowers at Christmas. The flowers are red, yellow, white. Yet this species required direct sunlight as long as possible to keep the flower colors.

Flash, bright appearance in winter

red poinsettia flowers winter

A hybrid

poinsettia red white hybrid

Lush foliage

poinsettia potted plant decorative houseplants

Mimosa – fabulous flowers

Mimosa flower flowers colors

Purple flowers

Mimosa Pudica flowers Brazil decorative houseplants

Cute and feminine

Mimosa Pudica Brazil purple flowers decorative houseplants

Mimosa- This cute plant comes from the land of coffee, namely in Brazil. Because the climate is very different from ours, it seems quite impossible to build them here with us.

Aeonium Arboretum Matt color Aeonium arboreum

Fleshy foliage

Aeonium tree succulent typeAeonium house plants Potted flowers succulent type

The popular Begonia

Begonia Rex leaves pot plants

Dark colors

Begonia Rex leaves houseplants

Attractive appearance

Begonia Rex hybrid sheets

Purple flower colors

Begonia Rex houseplants ideas

Begonia – she is a usual potted plant and grow up not very tall and wide, so you can position them in every corner of the room. Their leaves are asymmetrical, and as a whole, it is not very demanding to the sunlight.


Begonia Rex bright colors

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