Distribute Garden Design Tips, How To Light And Shade In The Garden

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Landscaping Tips – light and shade in the garden design

The light plays a very important role in the design of the garden. It is important for the development of garden plants and also for the General visual appearance of your outdoor area. Some plants will feel wonderful in the harsh sunlight and others develop best in semi-shade. Most of the time, we want to have a bit of everything and still dramatic and varied effect. To create such landscaping, we need in-depth knowledge of the brightness in the garden area. It is also the subject of this article.

You in the selection of garden plants and their positioning in the garden please garden design tips – what should?

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Landscaping tips – make a pleasant outdoor area where plants and you feel alone

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General factors

For the correct development of your garden plants, you need plenty of sunlight on the one hand, but also artificial lighting during the dark time of the day. Thus, they cover the time in which photosynthesis occurs. The strength of artificial lighting is also related to the geographical features. There is also differences with regard to the season.

Relax in the shade when the weather

garden ideas garden design light shade garden paths plant

Brighten the exterior with beautiful lights at night

garden ideas landscaping lights garden paths of Garden Decor ideas garden plug

Consider an effective garden lighting for the dark times of the day

garden garden ideas at night to illuminate garden design

Sun and shade loving flowers

As you know, there are sun loving plants and those who prefer thrive in the shade. There are many intermediate steps. The knowledge of these features, as well as lists of garden flowers that belong to one or the other group, is of fundamental importance for the successful design of the garden.

What kind of flowers do not particularly like sunlight in your garden, which -?

lawn gardening tips garden plants plant beds

Do not neglect the lighting control as Garden factor

garden garden plants garden paths shadow light fashion

Take time and create a card

We continue in our article with a tip: take your time and make a plan of your garden. It should include the areas that are sunny or shady or semi-shade. This will help you to properly distribute different plant species. It is important to remember that this plan must distribute garden plants of each season.

The garden map

garden ideas garden plants light shadow spread

Tips for creating the garden plan

Now, we have some tips for you, how to successfully create this garden plan. First, you need to determine the points of the compass. The duration of direct sunshine on the various garden areas of importance is. Thus, your work is however not yet complete. Record all larger trees and shrubs that grow in your yard already outside. Even garden fences and other objects, which combined the free Modeler must be present on this plan.

Create shadow in the backyard

garden ideas garden plants backyard shadow create

Properly arrange the plants in the garden area

garden design tips garden plants shrubs brick facade

Control the brightness

They need this plan to determine where you need to redistribute sun-loving and shade loving garden flowers and other garden plants. Not is that related to your previous ideas? Don’t worry, it’s not all lost: by this plan, you have the possibility to use some higher growing plants or trees or other interlocking. You can make some other areas in the shade or partial shade. There you have the plants of your choice then successfully. Alternatively you have to of course the opportunity to cut off some higher growing bushes or trees, or to replace it anywhere you want makes a splendid solarium.

Distribute Sun lovers and shade-loving plants in the garden

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The shadow

The character of the shadow, its depth, or its shape (for example, whether it falls or not grid-shaped) plays a very important role for the character of your garden design. When the shadow in the form of the lattice, everything seems easier and has many similarities with the natural landscape. Distribute with different light and dark leaves and flowers flowers, which are differently bright in the garden. How to reach a varied effect that changed in accordance with the alternating steps of leveled and shadow.

Relax in the shade, plants

garden design tips garden plants of rattan furniture rest

Make the beautiful leaves

garden ideas garden plants leaves colored garden fashion

Combine colors in the garden

garden design tips garden plants leaves beautiful

Decorate the front yard with potted plants

garden design tips garden plants flowers dekoideen

Best garden design for a garden party

garden design tips recreation corner plant garden Grill

Garden design ideas for the backyard

garden design tips garden fountain garden plate

Make the outdoor area with varied plants

garden garden design tips bushes garden fountain plant

At night beautifully illuminate the ridges

garden ideas shine garden stone plant care garden stairs

Select beautiful garden plants, which can thrive in your outdoor area

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