Do Gardening Ideas – Tents In The Garden Enjoy With Simple Materials Or The Comfort Of A Garden Pavilion?

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What could be better than spending the afternoon in a quiet, shady garden corner with the favorite book and a refreshing drink in your hand? The slight rustling of the leaves, the pleasant birds’ chirping, the deafening herbal and floral air floating through the air… And then what about the annoying flight insects? These can be replaced by A homemade tent From old curtains, bedlakes or insect protection net successfully. In addition, this unique outdoor shelter is a particularly comfortable playground for the kids and gives them lots of fun all summer long!

Gardening Ideas – How Building The tent on?

A delicate, transparent fabric or net hanging from a tree branch in the garden, right below the floor, a deck chair, an old chair or just a few big cushions, decorate with a bright lantern and a basket of toys and simply lie down! The unique tent quickly transforms into a popular retreat for big and small! In the same way, you can hang the net or bed paints on a leash, fasten with clothes clips well and make it simply comfortable!

As a different possible material for your DIY tent apply tires made of metal or plastic. However, in this case, it would be desirable to have a tire with the largest possible diameter! Place a fabric or insect net on it and nail a hanger or clothes hook into the upper part of the improvised dome, so that you can hang the tent on the tree afterwards and can easily change it at any time. However, the tire can also be efficiently replaced by a garden umbrella or bicycle rim. In the tent you could even place a small collapsible table and create a romantic atmosphere for an unforgettable dinner with the loved one!

Gardening Ideas – The more colorful, the better!

Boho-style-tent-in-garden-set up

A popular playground for the kids and a fantastic retreat for their parents!

Garden design ideas with available materials

A romantic dinner for two

To make oneself

Passionate moments under the summer glittering sky

A romantic tent for the garden

The Prairie Indians of North America are the typical Tipi Thanks to

Diy ideas for garden recreation

Gardening Ideas – Unleash all your artistic potential!

Sun protection-by-a-self-made-tent

Garden design ideas tents in the garden

Diy ideas for the summer

Recreation from nature

Tent of natural materials diy garden design ideas

A garden tent or Garden pavilion Buy or build?

If you want to secure a professional sun, wind and insect protection, you need a garden pavilion. Its numerous advantages ensure you a first-class comfort and make it a real feel-good oasis in your outdoor area!

  • The garden pavilion can be installed quickly
  • Many high-quality pavilions and party tents In trade at a fair price to acquire
  • He does not need any special care
  • Most of the pavilions are characterized by their mobility – at any time they could be moved to a different location in the inner courtyard
  • At the beginning of the winter he can be dismantled and stored in the garage until spring
  • You can choose from a variety of shapes, colors and materials

In the following video you will find out more about the garden pavilion construction and its special features!

Different stylish designs of the tents serve as a sight for your family and guests. The garden pavilions have a stable and secure linkage construction. Garden tents with open or semi-open sides are used mainly in spring and autumn and should be placed at a wind-protected location at best. Or even better… just stand up near the barbecue and start preparing for the next garden party! A pavilion with walls, on the other hand, has a high cloth quality with UV protection and is therefore simply irreplaceable on the hot summer days.

  • If you are looking for ecological organic material and want to intertwine it with multifunctionality and comfort, then you should opt for a wooden construction!
  • A metal pavilion is quite stable and provides you with a safe protection from the sun’s rays and the draft for several years!

Everything in the decoration of the garden tent depends entirely on your own taste – solid color or with floral motifs in bright colors, in the classical or perhaps Bohemian style… However, you must thoroughly clean the selected location – soil the soil, weeds, leaves And remove stones. In addition, create an attractive garden path with bricks or natural stones to entice your family and friends to the new relaxation area in the inner courtyard…

Gardening Ideas – A wooden construction fits perfectly to your green surface

Patio with a wooden tent

Make yourself comfortable and comfortable!

Garden pavilion in the green area

Classic garden pavilion for recreation and relaxation in the garden area

Garden pavilion in the garden

Garden grill and garden tent go hand in hand

Garden pavilion of metal, which could be dismantled at any time

Garden pavilion of metal

Garden tent equipped with waenden

Cooking pavilion self making ideas

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