Dragon Tree Care – You Need To Know Facts And Beautiful Pictures

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houseplants dragon tree light brown flower pot plants

Dragon tree care – each plant needs special treatment. What does the dragon tree?

The opportunity to be able to decorate the Interior with plants, provides you the wonderful opportunity to bring freshness, beauty and nature in the surroundings. What houseplant will you prefer but for this purpose? From our articles, you have learned much about different plant species. Today we want to tell you a lot about the dragon tree and the dragon tree care . Is the interest you may have piqued? Do you really know the dragon tree? If not, you will learn about this houseplant right now!

In a white setting a green plant awarded writes a

dragon tree care of dracaena marginata garden plants

The dragon tree has many types

dracaena houseplants beautiful decorating

Dracaena fragrans

dracaena fragrans dracaena care plants

Dragon tree in the beautiful plant pot

dracaena Deremensis Warneckei dracaena houseplant

The dragon tree (dracaena) is actually not a real tree, but bears this name. This is a striking and low-maintenance houseplant. The is no Palm, but has a stemmed Palm or Cycad habit, and therefore the dragon tree is popular as a decoration for the home. Highly if you want to give your home an exotic look. The dragon tree has very rare flowers. Only you should note is that some dragon tree species are considered toxic. Dracaena fragrans are and dracaena marginata.

This dragon tree has interesting leaf shape

dragon tree care limelight dracaena houseplants

Dragon tree with flowering is rare to meet – dracaena fragrans

dragon tree care of dracaena fragrans flowers

The dragon tree is a great decoration for interior design

dracaena marginata beautiful decor houseplants

Are similar to some species of shrubs – dracaena Draco

dragon tree care of dracaena Draco shrub

Dracaena reflex. A dragon tree with great leaves

houseplants dragon tree, Dracaena reflexa leaves

As the plant grows, she will need much water. But then, the excessive and frequent casting can cause damage. The dammed-up water is however not recommended. The dragon tree develops better in high humidity. Don’t worry but, when the lower leaves of the dragon tree become Brown, this is a disturbing phenomenon! A problem arises when the blades long, narrow leaves dry up and turn brown. Then, you should investigate the cause, so that you can remove them and enjoy the beauty of the plant again. If the leaves become yellow, this could be due to strong casting.

Dracaena marginata is a popular type of dragon tree

dragon tree, dracaena marginata decoration ideas home

Dracaena surculosa in an elegant white flower pot

dragon tree species care dracaena Surculosa

The dragon tree corresponds beautifully with the yellow living room carpet

houseplants dragon tree, dracaena Surculosa stylish planter

The stripe – pattern combine great with the dragon tree. Reaching an elegant interior design

houseplants dracaena marginata plant living room

Dracaena marginata as a decoration in your home

dragon tree care of dracaena marginata plants

Similar to Palm, but no Palm!

dragon tree care of dracaena marginata white flower pot

The dragon tree can serve as a Halloween decoration that brings something fresh in the apartment

dragon tree care planting pot garden plants

Dragon tree with beautiful hand coloring

beautiful dragon tree garden plant care

Dracaena surculosa is a beautiful dragon tree, don’t you think?

houseplants dracaena species dracaena Surculosa

Dracaena deremensis

houseplants dragon tree, dracaena Deremensis decoration

Directly in front of a brick wall isn’t characterized this dragon tree beautiful?

houseplants dragon tree beautiful leaves of elegant planter

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