Easy To Grow Houseplants That Purify The Air In The Living Room

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House plants, which perfectly clean the air

In school, we all learned that our environment without plants may not be clean. All clean the air of our planet and that is why we must see to it, that there are plenty of them.  This theory will be probably more convincing if we bring practical evidence, which we can supply from our everyday lives. Those can be for example the low-maintenance houseplants . We can try it in domestic conditions, how good are their purifizierenden properties.

There are several types of house plants, which bring excellence in this respect. Learn more about the good properties of some such:

Easy to grow houseplants
easy to grow houseplants low light house plants

Green Lily

Green lilies are easy to grow houseplants. You need bright, indirect light and good watering every couple of days. If you forget to water it, they can easily survive a long time to drought. And the Green Lily get faster as you hope, some sprouts.

Known house plants – green Lily

easy to grow houseplants green Lily house plants

Aloe Vera

Often you can burn your skin? When such incidents occur, it is very good to have Aloe Vera home. The juice of this House plant heal small wounds and burns. He also helps ear pain.

Aloe Vera

easy to grow houseplants Aloe Vera House plant

Areca palms

The areca palm tree will decorate your garden or with their beautiful leaves decorate your home as a potted plant. At the same time, she effectively cleans the air. And all of this makes them against modest care: you must water it from time to time and occasionally exhibit them in sunlight.

The good drainage is important for the development of this plant, and especially if you want it grows larger.

Species of Palm trees for the home – areca palms

easy to grow houseplants areca palm house plants species

Small rubber plant

The rubber plants can grow quite large. You make a wonderful contribution to the air cleaning. If the rubber plants are still small, they can make this job even at home. Especially if you live near a major road or in the midst of a polluted city, it can be very helpful. Easily clean the air of all possible chemicals.

Rubber tree

easy to grow houseplants Ficus house plants rubber plants

Bamboo Palm

Also, the bamboo Palm tree can be maintained as a medicinal plant. The thin rods clean wonderful air. They also provide better air humidity in the room. So that the bamboo Palm is well developed, you can maintain it in bright, indirect light.

Known as the bamboo Palm or even mountain Palm

easy to grow houseplants mountain Palm bamboo Palm House plants

Birch fig

The Birch fig as house plants can grow tall between 60 cm and 3 m. And in all cases it is worth to consider these if you want to have clean air at home. Best develop the Birch fig in indirect light and they need occasional irrigation.

Ficus benjamini (birch fig)

low-maintenance houseplants houseplants Birch fig

Boston fern

Here is still a House plant, which perfectly fits to the bathroom. It is also one of the best home remedies for air cleaning.

Ferns are some of the most popular houseplants

easy to grow houseplants houseplants Boston ferns fern

ARC hemp

This plant can survive well difficult growing conditions. The arc hemp needs little water and light. This House plant that can be placed in various places in the House and is super good for not very skilled amateur gardeners.

ARC hemp – still a low-maintenance houseplant

easy to grow houseplants arch hemp house plants

English Ivy

The English Ivy is a rescue if you or someone in the family has allergies. Well, DieseHauspflanze can clean your home chemicals which cause the just mentioned health conditions. The English Ivy can be also wonderful decoration, because the plant looks great when she falls out of the pot.

Hanging English Ivy in the garden

easy care indoor plants English Ivy houseplants


Decorate your home with this big, beautiful flowers. She will pamper your senses on the one hand, and in addition they clean the atmosphere at home of cancer-causing chemicals. Still, they have the ability to provide the air with oxygen at night. As a result, you sleep better and healthier.

Gerbera provide the air at night with oxygen

easy to grow houseplants Gerbera house plants


easy to grow houseplants chrysanthemums house plants

Ivy tute

low-maintenance houseplants houseplants Ivy tute

Single sheet

low-maintenance houseplants single house plants


low-maintenance houseplants houseplants piston thread


easy to grow house plants Orchid house plants

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