Easy To Grow Pot Plants – Houseplants, The Little Light Need

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easy to grow pot plants beautiful garden purple

Get to know the variety of plant species for your home

There’s certainly no housewife who does not like potted plants and flowers. Unfortunately most of them are very fine and their off-shelf life is not particularly large. Therefore, we offer some suggestions for low-maintenance houseplants.

Artificial light can be easily maintain them. You can arrange some flowerpots on the windowsill.

The insects that threaten the plants are also numerous – aphids, mites, spiders, and white flies. Note it, how often you watered the plants, root rot can die very quickly any houseplant. Perhaps it sounds ridiculous, but the presented here plants are ideal for people who often forget to water them.

Easy to grow pot plants

Schusterpalme white flower pot easy to clean

Schusterpalme- (Family happiness) very resistant and easy to clean, it thrives even in the shade. She likes the soft light and requires no special care.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus pink flowers winter

Christmas Cactus – its flowers are pink and bloom in early winter. He can flourish even in the dark

The dragon tree

pot plant low-maintenance flower pots types

The dragon tree- The dragon tree, one considers the pflegeleichteste pot plant. Dracaena marginata looks similar to a small Palm tree and is 2 meters high. Bright light need these plants and not dry out leave them.

Sansevieria trifasciata

Sansevieria trifasciata low-maintenance houseplants

Sansevieria trifasciata – this plant can stand almost all sorts of lack of care and survival. Durable, low-maintenance houseplants with sharp leaves. Very tolerant to low light.

More low-maintenance houseplants are:

• Saintpaulia

• Aloe

• Aglaonema commutatum

• Pachira

• Ficus elastica


easy care potted Aloe green


easy to grow pot plants purple flowers

easy care potted pink flowers

Aglaonema commutatum

easy to grow pot plants species

Cute flowers

easy care potted flowering

easy care potted green little light easy to grow pot plants pattern sheets


Pachira plants ideas easy to clean

Lush leaves

easy care potted indoor plants pots

Ficus elastica

easy to grow pot plants leaves of Ficus Elastica

Potted plants suitable for the bedroom

easy care potted bedroom flowers

Virtual representation

easy pot plant virtual leaves

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