Effective Pest Control In The Garden

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The garden is a green oasis of relaxation from the stress of everyday life for many people. But lurking in the Idyll of a variety of different pests that have seen it on flowers, shrubs, flower beds and trees. Aphids leave the plants wither, moles make unsightly grass, snails eat bald flowers.

Although these unwanted guests meet sometimes useful tasks in nature, but they attack even flowers, leaves and buds. So, more and more garden friends lead a veritable small war against aphids, not to mention snails, beetles, rats, mice, wasps & co. – the weed to proliferates the garden from all sides.

With the optimal strategy and the right resources can be obtained, for example, in the weed killer-Shop.de, there is hope in the fight against the plague ghosts, and not always to the chemical weapon must be accessible.

Effectively to get rid of snails

Snails are indeed extremely slow, represent a serious threat to almost all the plants in the garden but, because they have a seemingly insatiable appetite. To get rid of the slimy plague ghosts should be a combination of different methods. You should collect the slugs who venture into the evening hours from cover, with gloves. In addition, it can be traps in the form of wet bags, where during the day collect the snails.

pest slugs

The old home remedies in the case of beer is rather ineffective, as the numbing alcohol outdoors sometimes quickly disappears and the beer attracts even more worms with some bad luck. Effectively removes the worm plague with so-called snail grain that attracts animals and transported to the pleasure in the afterlife. However, it is sure that worm grain is a dangerous poison for dogs and cats.

Battle the aphids

Aphids love especially the spring. In sunny, dry weather, the little beasts run on really top form and multiply faster than you can imagine. Aphids have same appetite for green such as snails and Fortune’s, a plant to suck the life juice.

A natural remedy for lice is to use of their natural enemies. These include in particular ladybugs and Lacewing larvae, which can be obtained in the well-assorted specialized retail trade (the beetle in the form of eggs), such as the weed killer-Shop.de. Ladybugs and Lacewing larvae destroy the unwanted lice with pleasure. Best it locates these beneficial organisms already before the aphid infestation in your garden.

pest naturale medium biozide

Known home remedies, such as the solution of detergent, are not particularly effective and are unable to carry all aphids in the hereafter. The alternative is a handle to the chemical mace, where so-called systemic Schädlingsmittel to recommend, are immediately absorbed by the plants and distributed and therefore hidden aphids catch. The chemicals is taboo but in beds with herbs, salad and vegetables.

Make kill Dick mouth like

Dick mouth Rachael are nocturnal beetles, which feed on mainly of leaves, buds and young shoots and seriously harm garden plants this way. The larvae of the Dick mouth Rachael represent a special danger because they nibble Chrysalis in the soil to the roots of plants.

pest control gardening biozide

Against this pest not – there’s a chemical control with natural enemies of the beetle. In this case recommend tiny nematode worms (parasitizing nematodes), which lay their eggs in the larvae of beetles and eat it from the inside. In the well-stocked online retailers such as, for example, the weed killer-Shop.de is obtained the nematodes in a clay granules that is mixed (usually 1:50) with water and sprayed directly onto the floor with the breeding grounds.

Classic Mousetraps against voles

No matter whether you find cute or disgusting mice: The small rodents can cause considerable damage in the garden and proliferate explosively. Voles love to nibble tree barks, roots and vegetables. Good old mouse traps from the (online) stores are a classic, success-proven remedy for these teases. As bait, especially carrots and celery are recommended. So-called root baskets can be used to protect of the plants roots.

pest catch mice biocides

Chasing moles from the garden

Careful, it must consider against the protected moles to field, that can ever dig up the entire lawn and while piling up lots of hills. This loosens the soil but not every garden owner though, like. An effective remedy against the Burrowers are amazingly mothballs and whey, which Ausdünstungen at all not comfort the Mole. They are an alternative in well-stocked (online) commercially of available live traps, which one bloodless to catch the animals and exposes it as far away again.

Most agents against pests and weeds can be easily, quickly, conveniently and securely purchase himself, for example in the weed killer-Shop.de.

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