Efficient Gardening In Autumn – Prepare Your Yard For Winter Before

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gardening In autumn grass lawn green lighting flowers backyard

In autumn – do you know gardening you should do now to keep the beauty of your garden?

In the autumn, it’s time to “check out the location in the garden”. You look at, whether any plants due to the excessive heat are burned, whether any animals have led to damage and whether not the weeds out of control is not recommended.

How to prepare the own farm on the autumn.

gardening In the fall lighting light bulb

When autumn arrives, we must strive for a refreshment. Because the garden has to offer something in this season.

Search the garden for problematic areas

In my garden I start with “Check-in” problems. The grass is green this year thanks to the diligent watering. But there were also a lot of dead plants, which you had to go away. You had to continue to remove weeds and the neglected areas can be refreshed again.

Enjoy the sunny autumn days in the backyard

gardening In autumn grass lawn green backyard

Watching the outdoor area, you should just watch any areas in the yard. This includes also those without grass. Weed and oversized plants could riot over the stony paths. Sometimes worth the trouble of removing the pebbles and the restoration of the grass and the pebbles.

Eliminate the weed

autumn garden work stones pebbles

You must clearly define the boundaries between the different dirt roads. Then, check the State of health of vegetation. There too close to the plants growing weed? There are specimens which are badly wrong at a certain point? Above you see small improvements, which can facilitate the growth?

Their flowers need special care in the autumn

gardening In autumn pebbles plants Succulents

Maybe must you put the plants in a new place? Have shelves: the Sonnentoleranten to the highest level would have to. Get this worry about the mistakes that you make. You learn a lot from it.

The plants in the mould stones develop beautifully thanks to the exhibition in full sun

gardening In the fall Flowerpot easy care Succulents

Maintain the grass, the areas with gravel and the way

After the above one is aware of the amount and the type of work started then. Here, you should be aware that not all areas require immediate treatment. Given the fact that everything with snow covered in winter and little plants will grow, you should cover all holes already with Earth. Rather, leaving that for the spring!

Save the unnecessary work!

autumn garden work backyard lawn plants

Rather, in my case, I had to pay more attention the areas with pebbles. Weed has permanently set up and mixed with stones from different areas.

Refreshment, pots with beauties

autumn garden work backyard flower pots

It is at some point with the grass and the areas with pebbles in good shape. Then you can concentrate on the fun things. For me personally, these are the plants in pots.

Do you like cacti?

gardening In autumn succulent Cactus plant winter

Do you equip not your table outdoors with lush green because? Below we see a pot in mint with Succulents. You are beautiful and very easy to maintain.

The Succulents are easy care plants both in summer and winter

gardening In the fall flower pot succulent pot

Maybe you want below a chic and modern combination such as this, which one has achieved the grey flower pot? Now, you have time for this.

Enjoy the beauty of the flower pot plants all year round

gardening In the fall flower pot Succulents

Maybe you have neglected some plants in flower pots in summer, and these are then become too big for their pots? Implement them!

Large flower pot plants seem refreshing and insert accents

gardening In autumn grass flower pot green backyard

Do you want a little more color in your life? Also out there you can enhance the charm of autumn through a few plants with vibrant colors. The new season requires a new selection. Why get yourself a little extra pleasure such as Gerbera Gänsteblühmchen.

Red and orange belong to the beautiful warm colors of autumn

gardening In the fall flower pot red Gerber fresh

The colors of autumn are irresistible and the contrast to their own green leaves is refreshingly nice.

If you set up new plants, the contrast is particularly taken into account. You can see an example in the picture below. There is a grassy plant, which is complemented by the color Burgundy and wheat. They look super good against the backdrop of the glue.

It’s time for the shades of autumn

gardening In the fall flower pot plants easy-care

A good choice for fall is the Croton. The leaves are full of nuances of red, Orange and yellow and they play super well with the green.

The magnificence of the warm autumn colors

gardening In the fall flower pot flowers room colored

Beautify your veranda

Give the porch the same attention as the Court itself. Probably, you need to increase the seats outside it, especially when many parties had taken place. Matching funds to see the corresponding shops.

Think also of the role of garden furniture

gardening In the fall Setup Chair frame

Maybe you need to bolster new then also the seat cushions. You may renew the color palette on this occasion. Most everything costs a not more than two days.

Fill up easily in your own garden

gardening In the fall Setup Chair frame cushion grey

Now you have done! Sit down and enjoy the colours and the fresh and rapidly changing air of autumn!

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