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garden design plants encyclopedia outdoor furniture decoration

Plants for the garden and its maintenance

It can prove difficult to find sun-tolerant plants. But the other variant, so to maintain such plants, which like the shadow, proving to be even more complicated.

We want to look at our plant encyclopedia such species together? All you have to do is down to scroll and get to look at the pictures and texts.

Plant encyclopedia – mondo grass – dwarf snake beard

Ophiopogon japonicus minor , on German it says dwarfs snake beard. Some call this grass the mainstay of the contemporary garden. With his dark, long leaves and modern silhouette, this sturdy plant is used as a ground cover for shady areas. To grow its ability to hills and to provide ample texture in the yard and other areas is noteworthy.

Plant encyclopedia – mondo grass

plant lexicon mondo grass trees

The different forms in which this grass can be found, can be used to ensure an interesting and appearance in the form of piles or route. Here, it has filled the broken places with this! The result is fabulous, don’t you find?

The dwarf snake beard is dry tolerant and should not be mowed. But it’s not very fast spreading. So, if you seek a lush look, you should attach closer together the plants.

Between the stones

garden design plants encyclopedia flooring stones

Do you think that you can bring dwarf snake beard only on the ground? Try it any other way! You can also cultivate this grass in flower container and its drought tolerance is particularly useful here. Have you seen our earlier article on the cement blocks? Then you may recall, that these were filled with dwarf snake beard partly just?

Below we see the dwarf snake beard in combination with star Moss in a modern plant container.

Two species of plants in a container

garden design plants encyclopedia Moss plants

Plant encyclopedia – arc hemp (senseviera trifasciata)

Want to add a bit more drama and height to your shady place? Then you need the bow hemp. This is a very popular choice for modern homes. This structurally very interesting plant can survive both in rooms with low light and sunny conditions. The main thing, it is not too hot!

Bow helped in the Atrium

garden design garden plants encyclopedia outdoor design

Certainly many of you notice this plant in the shopping malls. Very often it is in lobbies of banks and hotels used. It is also a great houseplant. Enjoy this wonderfully in the outdoor area. As you can see below, you can increase the limits as a result.

Garden design ideas

garden design plants encyclopedia flooring lawn

Because it grows very well in shade, you can put it beautifully also in plant containers and other containers out front of House. This works well, even if they are covered by a blanket.

Plant care

patio garden design exterior plants encyclopedia

As has been repeatedly pointed out, dealing with low-maintenance varieties in today’s article. There are however a few points which you should keep. The first is that you should water them too much. Allow plenty of time these plants to dry casting between the. Still we have a species to do with, which loves the warm weather. When the weather gets too chilly, you should bring them home.

Wood containers

patio garden design plants encyclopedia exterior design

Sword fern (Nephrolepis)

This is the probably the most perfect plant for the sites with low shade. Surely you have see many verandas hang myself this plant. They are also perfect for hanging plant containers.

Plant encyclopedia – sword ferns

terrace design plant lexicon exterior design

They are perfect for lining the stairs that lead to your door.

Patio design

terrace design plant lexicon lighting lanterns

Sword fern is also a suitable border plant. If you put this in a scene, you will provide a lush, full look. Note the following: you can survive almost anywhere good, but at the same time, they need moisture. Their water is of key importance.

Beautiful plants in the garden

garden design plants encyclopedia exterior design

Sword fern (Nephrolepis) fall in the Cascades form through the container. So, this plant creates a distinctive shape and strong presence. We find quite managed the exhibition on this picture on Freshideen. The lush plant makes a great contrast to the shape of the stand.

Outdoor plants

garden design plants encyclopedia outdoor plants

Plant encyclopedia – mixed Succulents

At the end we want to represent some small Succulents you, especially used in also minimalist plant containers. Yes, I hear many of you say: Succulents love the Sun! What do they have to look at this article?

Yes, you’re partially right. Maybe you know however that this can grow successfully also in not very sunny courtyards. I would place it in partial shade. We love the manicured landscapes with interesting succulent areas on Freshideen! But I haven’t seen always as a refined garden design.

Plant care and arranging

container eye catching plant dictionary plants

Often I’ve heard people talk about how little care these plants need. It is thought that virtually never anything can happen to them. We know that on Freshideen as from my own experience.

While you can grow so many of them. You only need to hold.

I hope to catch the right combination of light, water, and Earth here!

Light, water and soil

garden design plants encyclopedia beautiful plants

One thing is certain: Succulents are perfect for modern spaces, and also for those that are in the shade. Here is another tip: let dry the Earth between the different irrigation systems.

Modern garden ideas

garden design plants encyclopedia stone floor staircase

Plant them in the ground or cultivate these plants containers. We recommend to try the second option first on Freshideen. One of the most beautiful things I home can imagine in the yard, to have a bunch of Succulents in the modern court is actually.

Bunch of Succulents

garden design plants encyclopedia beautiful decoration

Do you live in an area with many squirrels? These creatures will be tempted to eat your Succulents. Therefore, you should consider its move in difficult accessible places to consider. Still, you should check whether all the plants you have for children and animals are safe. Some species are toxic, if they get into the body!

With planning you will but can avoid all the dangers and enjoy a great garden! We wish you a green thumb and many great moments in your shaded outdoor area!

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