Evergreen Garden Plants, Shrubs And Hedge For A Brilliant Landscape

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garden design collection of Evergreen garden plants ideas

One of the most popular species is Evergreen garden plants – the yew

There are some that can be regarded as classics among the Evergreen garden plants. The yew (Taxus) are quite safe. You can say that we reached a very elegant, upscale character in your own garden. Because surely no coincidence represents a plant that 4000 years can survive.

It’s a decorative tree, which is used for very many years and elegant courtyards and gardens for planting. Keen has not much changed until today. Dark green Crown of the yew trees can be seen in many of today’s large gardens.

One of the best plants, which is suitable for the creation of garden ornaments

yew saplings of red flowers garden Hedgehog

If you would make a competition among the best Evergreen garden plants to the creation of garden ornaments, then yew trees have certainly a good chance to be at the top. Due to its great properties in this regard, it creates living wall in a wonderful way. Also created very successfully varied figures already in the middle ages. This Evergreen garden plants in the very striking figures are used in the Japanese Gardens.

They usually look like

fresh garden landscape design design

But let us but shortly discuss what these Evergreen garden plants from the forms actually look like. Do you want it? The Crown features a cone shape. It contains long and at a significant distance from each other standing branches. In adult age, this Crown looks so cone-like, but at the same time quite unbalanced. The leaves are dark green and nail-shaped.  You can stay on the branches of 6, 8, but sometimes up to 10 years. The bark of the trees are dark brown. The bark is very elastic and therefore you has used it previously to create arches.

The fruit of yew is very mature in the first year. It is a red, very fleshy inside round shape. It surrounds the seeds, which are located in it.

Very toxic…

fresh green plants garden

You need to be aware that this Evergreen garden plants are very toxic. This is true for almost all of their parts. The exception is only a part of the fruit. But if you are not well versed you should not risk it. Children should be kept them away. This fact was discovered by the Romans, but according to many victims. They have found out that people who have fed on from yew wood vessels, also died.

The other great properties in Park design

garden design stylish Evergreen garden plants

After all these facts about yew trees, which could be life-saving, among other things, we want to return in now on the subject of landscaping. This evergreen tree is able to endure long in shade and keeping up the beautiful dark green color. Great ability to be cut and placed in great shapes includes, as just mentioned.

The various forms

cut colors shaped Evergreen plants

Simple yew trees are rich in decorative forms. You know the Adpressa- subspecies, which represent bushes with short leaves and also the Fastigiata – with the wide branch form of the Crown. Compacta is, as the name also in a sense, a form that grows low and not very bulky. It shows a more or less round shape. Aureovariegata is characterized by yellowish leaves.

The care

natural garden design ideas Evergreen garden plants

Can finally give us some tips for care. When it comes to landscape design, the cutting of yew essential goes without saying. It must be done when the weather is cool and moist. It must be turned off in September. The regular cast is important in terms of the best possible results. In the winter, you can fertilize the Crown verschnürren and complex.

Fairmont landscaped front yard with evergreens

front yard design beautiful Evergreen plants arrangement

This ensures a better resistance to the harsh conditions, which are typical for this season

design style landscape design

yew colors red green plants garden

American Agave

Agave Americana Mediopicta Alba Evergreen garden plants

Succulents – Agave

Agave Aristocrat succulent garden

Peculiar nature types

Agave Desert Diamond species of Evergreen garden plants

Fresh green and several shadows

Agave Lophantha Evergreen garden plants

Attractive plants for each landscape

ideas Agave Victoriae Reginae Tora Fu

Daphne with pink flowers

Daphne Odora Aureomargina garden plants

Thematic garden design with Evergreen garden plants

garden fence wood plate solid wall lamps Evergreen garden plants

Notable plant species

Fargesia Murieliae Simba plants species

Artfully shaped, designed gardens

sculpt figurines design style

World famous houseplant that can be easily maintained

hanging houseplants Evergreen ideas


Ilex species of Evergreen garden plants

Exotic species in your garden

ITEA Ilicifolia Evergreen garden plants

Rustic plant collection

bucket plants species ideas bushes

Great landscaping with Evergreen plants great garden design nice

Traditional clay pots garden pool surrounded

pool gardens Evergreen plants maintain

Attractive pink plant dyes pink colors Evergreen plants

Exotic plants in the garden

Sarcococca flowers flowers colors

Snow ball

Viburnum Tinus Gwenllian flowers colors

White flower pots decorative work before the front door

white bucket periwinkle flower pots

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