Evergreen Plants, The Backyard Charm Connect

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Evergreen plant boxwood shrub Topiary art

Evergreen plants looking for? Here are some top shrubs for the garden!

You want to the shrubs search out so this year for your garden, you get much more color and abundance? Would you even that Evergreen plants are an essential part of it? Yes, this is a good idea and we have also a very suitable solution! These are the great evergreen shrubs. You are always very well decorate your garden, no matter what time of year it is. They’re there to serve as a cozy blanket. Like a carpet they extend over the whole garden, without however to narrow down the area.

Through a Kamellie shrub, you bring a fresh touch in your garden

Evergreen plants Kamellie shrub garden beautify

By Lavender beautify the garden

Evergreen plant Lavender garden figures

The Holly is a fresh addition to your garden

Evergreen plant Holly garden figures

Boxwood shrub

The boxwood wood shrubs belong to the Group of Evergreen plants. From which you can make not only a great carpet, but also wonderful fence. He is ideal due to the density and mass. Boxwood shrub reaches approx. 5 metres high and 5 metres wide. It simply represents the ideal solution for small spaces. Boxwood shrub is one of the pflegeleichtesten and most practical solutions if you want Evergreen plants in its own farm.

Easy to clean and practical

Evergreen plant boxwood shrub garden figures


You want to take Evergreen plants, what but a little color to your yard? Then, lavender is a very good option. These shrubs are also very easy to clean. Lavender bushes reach a height of about 1 meter.

The garden by Lavender spice up

Evergreen plant lavender plants garden ideas


In the list of Evergreen plants, which are also shrubs, is also quite possibly the Holly. This variation is especially suitable if you would give an upscale look to your garden space.

The red fruits are wonderful accents

Evergreen plants garden Holly shrub

Mahonia nervosa

A great addition could be the Oregon grape for your garden, representing the Evergreen plants. It shows beautiful colours in bright yellow. They grow in clusters at the top of the bushes. Their normal height is between 2.3 and 4 meters.

You can shape the hedge beautifully with these Evergreen plants

Evergreen plants garden design mahonia

Design the garden with shrubs

Evergreen plants garden design

Kamellie shrub

Shrubs, representing at the same time beautiful Evergreen plants , are the Cammelia. This will enchant you with their big, round flowers. We experience in varied shades – red, pink, white and yellow.

Beautiful and unique flowers

Evergreen plant garden shrubs embellishing Kamellie

Usually the Camellia shrubs grow very tall, but there are also dwarf varieties. So what’s the height and sculptural design of your garden, you will have a relatively wide range. The maximum height which reaches Camellia bushes, is something less than two meters.


You are interested in an exotic option when the shrubs you want to use as the Evergreen plants in the garden? Then what’s with the Zimmeraralie? This species is very popular due to its interesting shaped leaves. It is very dry tolerant, can grow in coastal regions and in the shadow very well.

Interesting leaves and flowers

Evergreen plant garden beautify Zimmeraralie brush

See map but it all nearby. They didn’t fall out?

Evergreen plant Zimmeraralie garden shrubs

These shrubs grow compact and show beautiful white flowers and full, creamy buds. Zimmeraralie can reach up to 8 meters high.

Beschuppter Juniper

Do you know highly appreciate the beautiful leaves in plants? Then these evergreen shrubs could be the right choice. Beschuppter Juniper “blue star” has but no flowers.

On the structuring of the Garden this can help here and there very

Evergreen plant of Beschuppter Juniper shrub

Mezereon (Daphne)

This kind of Evergreen plant is delicate, fragile and beautiful. The most admirable, but, is that they have flourished in the winter. Then they can spice up wonderful your garden, even if they reach 2.5 metres.

Beautiful gentle flowers

Evergreen plant Daphne garden beautify


We want to conclude our overview of shrubs, from our point of view, you should have in your list of Evergreen plants, now with the Aukuben. You are super tolerant to shade and dry Earth. The leaves show great variety. The Green and yellow are the most famous. The height, which reached 2.5 meters!

A shrub with cool sheets

Evergreen plant garden shrubs Aukuben

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