Exclusive Garden Furniture Decorating Your Garden Design

exclusive garden furniture garden design dining area

Exclusive garden furniture

Do you have a great summer in your region? Is it really hot? If this is the case, then you know quite sure how important is the design of the outdoor area.

That’s why we have decided today to show you some interior design ideas for exclusive garden furniture that are creative, comfortable and stylish. Be inspired by our pictures of daydreaming, which one day could be also true.

Seats outdoor

We want to start with space-defining furniture? First we see below Ixtapa tonal green and Acapulco multimedia lounge chairs. Both are from the company of CB2. The retro shapes are enhanced by modern carriers and bright colors in their effect. This is due, including the hand-woven PVC cords to. I find it surprising and ravishing the effect!

Attractive landscaping

exclusive garden furniture garden design colored chairs

Whether are you have a pool or just put your feet up like, a bed is a must. Equip them into great color, by opting for a model like Aqua Sun from CB2. We have fallen in love on Freshideen in the summery shades, and also in the low price. Furthermore, this piece of furniture is adjustable and you can to depending on the desire to sit down or lie down.

Comfortable beds

exclusive garden furniture lounge furniture

Sometimes one conveys a strong message with classic lines and a tone on-tone style. Crate & barrel sofa comes down from the company and it has made it stainless, which is specially adapted to the external conditions. Still, they brought synthetic mesh used. It is resistant to wear and tear, mold, tear and UV rays. The Acrylbedeckten represent the cream Dove of pie to cushion.

Outdoor sofa in grey

lounge furniture exclusive outdoor furniture outdoor

Cushion with pineapple pattern

lounge furniture exclusive outdoor furniture fabric

Outdoor eating area

Like to eat in the open air? Take the time for it, because it will certainly pay off. If you like to combine such events even with modern design, you’ll love the collection from West Elm. She is both modern and minimalist. The furniture pieces seem to be made of concrete, but they are in fact made of solid fiberglass.

The clean lines and rectangles are simply unforgettable. Substantial silhouette and neutral nuances make the perfect background for other color accents dar. In this case, it has brought in such by the summer fruits.

Minimalist dining furniture

exclusive garden furniture of minimalist dining table

The strong green color appears alive and classic at the same time. This affordable model here is from IKEA and is called RÖXO. It was created from powder-covered steel. Below we see chairs and a table, the man sold otherwise separately.

Garden furniture SET

garden design exclusive garden furniture dining area

To achieve a unique look, mix different chairs next to your table in the outdoor area. Here you can see a great combination of occupants met grey, bright yellow. Below we see sulfur Lyle Side and Kruger dining chair from Crate & barrel.

exclusive garden furniture garden design yellow chairs

Tables for outdoor use

At the end we want to give three tables for the outdoors which deserve to be noticed. Curious?

Here we see the side table by CB2. He shows a retro-modern style of the Berlin studios of hammer & Tüllmann. The designers were inspired by similar pieces of furniture from the middle of the last century. This is a fairly modern piece in the present Designklima.

You can also see a high-gloss yellow surface, which is unique in its effect.

Rocking Chair

furniture exclusive outdoor furniture outdoor swing chair

Ceramic tiles provide a modern look to the surface of the mosaic coffee table from West Elm. This shows bronze hexagonal pattern and Driftwood base. Certainly, this is a Kusntwerk which is fast to pivot and pivot of your terrace.

Wooden table with decoration

garden design exclusive garden furniture wooden table

Check out below the stone stool of company Carrel and barrel. Are these not the perfect coffee tables for outdoor use? In the production one was inspired by the organic formations. They were Gerfertigt of mineral compounds, salt, sand and fiber. Yes, these tables are eco-friendly and solid. Still you can bring them into use as extra seating.

Stone stools than tables

exclusive garden furniture garden design stone stools tables

Found exclusive garden furniture for outdoor use, without which you not imagine life? Today I threw an eye on some of the examples. Here below you can find some…

But now I’m a little bit of time, because first I should enjoy my cocktail on the terrace!

Great garden furniture

exclusive garden furniture garden design coffee table

Stylish outdoor furniture

exclusive garden furniture garden design coffee table chairs

Colored seating area

exclusive garden furniture garden idea lounge

Chairs with casters

exclusive garden furniture chairs patio

Garden furniture in green

exclusive garden furniture coffee table Ottoman rattan furniture

Rattan bedsrattan furniture exclusive garden furniture garden design concern