Fancy Garden Plant – The Beautiful Fittonien

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Fittonie of fancy garden plant planter beautiful decorating

Fittonie as a winter garden plant

Typical winter garden plants are called the Fittonien (fittonia) or network silver rain. They are decorative and therefore very suitable for your garden inside or outside. Their origin is from Peru or Brazil. Known types to the 15 different Fittonia-. This garden flower is very beautiful and it attracts many different experts, but also the beginner gardener, primarily with its appealing and attractive appearance. But the truth is that we here have no easy-care garden flower. According to our article, appreciate your options realistic. Either waive the care of this garden plant or however you prepare, you may need more than one attempt.

This plant could be a Halloween decoration for your home

Fittonien failed leaves beautiful decorating garden plant

Sheets in pink color

beautiful decorating plants Fittonien red dye

Mosaic plant with fascinating coloring of leaves

beautiful decorating Fittonie plant light green red nuances

Green with pink

Fittonie plant Green Pink Sheets planter

Their care as winter garden plant is particularly difficult. The very large leaves are first and foremost reason.

They need a consistent temperature and much moisture

beautiful decorating Fittonie garden plants

The flower of this plant is particularly interesting

beautiful decorating Fittonie plant flower

Why do we describe the Fittonie as a winter garden plant? Because these species don’t like to be reassigned and outside can not withstand the cold temperatures…

So, has the care at home as the only remaining solution

Fittonie small flower pot beautiful decorating garden plant

The most appropriate place

We have already more or less said what may be the most appropriate place for this winter garden plant. But let us discuss this further. The Fittonie needs partial shade and the continuous sunshine should be avoided here. But it must be also quite dark. Thus, the plant as such loses its elasticity and thus also their beauty. Search best for a matching window with a Western orientation.

The plant stands out beautifully on this light blue background

Fittonia Verschaffeltii beautiful decorating garden plants

The ground for Fittonie

This winter garden plant is quite challenging, what comes to the floor. You need a mixture that contains 1-1-1 following component – sand, soil and leaves. You should fertilize once a week.

Fittonie in a stylish planter

Fittonie plant failed plant pot beautiful decorating


Would have to keep an even temperature in this winter garden plant, covered not by 15 degrees.

Fresh leaves Fittonien

Fittonien garden plant leaves beautiful pink shades

Air humidity

All year long you should pour the Fittonie often and abundantly. In the winter but is somewhat less.

The planter has a mosaic texture which perfectly combines with the leaves of the plant

garden plant beautiful decorating Fittonie flower pot


You should plant to, if necessary, the Fittonie always in the spring in a larger pot.

Fittonie Brown flower pot plant

Fittonien of light brown garden plant planter decoration ideas


This winter garden plant can be used also to the increase in a fairly easy manner. Cut some pieces and insert them into the ground.

Different Fittonien types

Fittonie plant different leaf coloring

Final notes

Here are our final statement about the care of the Fittonien. If you notice that the leaves lose life and freshness, you should pour it immediately.

Combination of green and white

garden plant Fittonie plant leaves Mosaikähnlich

Combination of green and pink

Fittonien beautiful leaves garden plant mosaic

By the way their drying is also a sign that the air in the room is very dry. Do something about it because the own health!

The Fittonie has simply fascinating leaves

garden plant garden beautiful decorating Fittonien

Green flower pot and yellow wall

beautiful decorating Fittonie plant flower pot

Plants are always a great decoration

beautiful decorating Fittonie plant mosaic plant

Has combined two species of plants in a flower pot

beautiful decorating watermelon Fittonie combine

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