Feng Shui Garden – Create Your Single Genes Place Of Silence

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Feng Shui garden collage

A Feng Shui can create garden

According to the Feng Shui philosophy, the garden is no less important than all other rooms in a House. If you would make this according to the appropriate rules, you make in your home for wealth and very good luck. Among other things, you would provide for much better relations between family members.

We are also convinced that the design in Feng Shui garden contributes very much to create a more harmonious atmosphere. That’s why we want to announce some rules that will help you follow this philosophy. So you could decide more easily for the respective garden ideas.

One of the most famous elements of Feng Shui

Feng Shui garden stone pillar Zen

A flowering Lotus – symbol of purity and perfection

Feng Shui garden pond water lily

Variety and balance

In the first place, garden ideas, which you choose, should at the same time offer variety and interest. They also should provide but a combination for a perfect balance.

The animals

Garden ideas are not only welcome, but also desirable with animals in this style. Especially the sculptural design of Phönix, dragons, Tigers, turtles ought to find in one or another form in the garden.

You can put traditional Asian statues in your garden

Feng Shui garden bamboo Chinese statue

Ideal garden care for your Feng Shui garden

In addition to the special and maybe a little exotic garden ideas, Garden plays also the good care for Feng Shui a very important role. In our case this is specifically to say that no fallen leaves and twigs on the ground are allowed should. Sweep it regularly. The same applies to the flowers, which are already withered. Their leaving will prevent the free rein of the energy flow, which would provide for the well-being of the family and the people in the garden in General.

A well-groomed Feng Shui garden

Feng Shui garden round shapes boxwood

Sunny and shady places

The garden ideas, which you choose, should be very useful in this regard. You need shady and sunny places. Forms and figures should provide a variety and flexibility. There should be many different colors in Feng Shui garden. So, the Ying and Yang will be energy, so the male and female energy in balance.

The Chi energy could then free flow in such a design. You will do this also by the many flowering plants.

Sharp edges – here and at home should be avoided according to Feng Shui. Anyway there would have to be because of the construction, then you should let these softer look by decoration or other means.

A perfect variant would be the Ying Yang symbol

Feng Shui garden pond Ying Yang symbol

Tip and curved sheets

Also at the garden ideas that tackle the plants themselves, should be according to the Feng Shui on variety. You would have to combine top and round leaves. Thorns are also good. You should not dominate but rather. Otherwise, they could contribute to aggressive moods. It is recommended that the plants with thorns are best in the corners of the garden. So, this would protect homeowners from bad energy and envy.

Bonsai is simply indispensable for your garden in Feng Shui style

Feng Shui garden bonsai Asia

Bring your wishes are fulfilled

If you want to see your wishes are fulfilled, then position the conifers in the eastern part of the garden. In the western area, the white flowers belong, if you want to experience a romantic love.

Northwest placed blue flowers indicate there is luck. Red must contribute in the South of the garden, that you have more company in your garden.

In addition, you can put a Chinese frog pond – as a symbol of the prosperity

Feng Shui garden frog Asian money

Garden ideas provide a wonderful mood with Lavender

Looking for great garden ideas, such as the arcade arches or simply the promenades along. No matter where the lavender is located, he will care for a wonderful mood.

Traditional Asian bells as wind chimes

Feng Shui garden wind chime bells Chinese


It is a bit more complicated with the Jasmin. In the South-Eastern part to ensure financial stability. In the South West at home contributes to the harmony. In the East, the Jasmin provides to improve your health.

Nail trees provide longevity and wisdom. At the garden ideas for the decoration in a Feng Shui garden, would be best to opt for water features. According to Feng Shui, they will bring very good luck.

We want to give you one last tip for the garden furniture. Here, too, you should follow the rule of thumb of “General harmony, variety in detail”. You should be have been together result in a great mood, but created each made of different materials. The forms should be those which are generally recommended by Feng Shui. You should be as pure, simple, easy. The circular shape ensures harmony and sharp edges – for negative sentiment.

You can combine coniferous trees with small bushes or hydrangeas

Feng Shui garden bamboo boxwood conifers pond

Bamboo is also perfectly suited for your wind chime

Feng Shui garden bamboo wind chime

Not to forget the Japanese Zen fountain

Feng Shui garden of traditional Japanese fountain

Curved lines and colors of nature

Feng Shui garden sweeping lines Palm Birch

Small water falls make for relaxing atmosphere

Feng Shui garden small waterfall

Stairs from stones and rounded shrubs

Feng Shui garden conifers staircase

Large natural stones and sand circles – a classical Feng Shui style

Feng Shui garden stone sand circles

Beautify your fence with bamboo

Feng Shui garden bamboo tree white stones

Wavy garden paths and fresh flowers

Feng Shui garden path pebbles

The power of the stones and the Juiciness of the plants

Feng Shui garden plants stones inspiration

Balance and perfectionism

Feng Shui garden sand circles rocks

Comfortable seating area in spiral shape

Feng Shui garden seating spiral Ying Yang

Garden pond and lush vegetation

Feng Shui garden pond cottage

Small Feng Shui garden with koi carp

Feng Shui garden pond Moss carp

Buddha Temple in outdoor

Feng Shui garden pond waterfall Buddha

Delicate flowers and traditional Japanese stone lantern

Feng Shui garden of white flowers Asia

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