Feng Shui Gardening Immersion Into The World Of Harmony

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Feng Shui garden four bamboo

New findings about the Feng Shui garden

You’ve found out, that in the summer the Feng Shui so important is like the design of the Interior ambience garden? You need new insights because you are not sure whether your Feng Shui garden are knowledge up-to-date? If Yes, then read on.

In the Feng Shui philosophy is focused all the processes in nature

Feng Shui garden bridge

Key rules

Variety and balance

The Feng Shui Garden must show variety. At the same time, balance must be achieved within this variety. The result is the positive energy, which will impress your family, too.

You can use the wide range of shapes and sizes. But tips and edges must be avoided. You cause aggressiveness and thus conflicts and other similar negative events.

It is sought after an absolute perfection

Feng Shui garden absolute

The divine animals

But even here there is much superstition. There are a number of divine animals. You must be absolutely garden present in a Feng Shui. In the one or the other form, you need find a way to draw. Otherwise there is the danger that they be angry and do you unpleasant.

Dragon, Tiger and turtle should be necessarily present in a Feng Shui garden. Worry but not too much! It doesn’t mean that you need to immediately set a Garden Designer. There is also a symbolic way to represent these animals.

The energy of life is to be always in a steady flow

Feng Shui garden bridge In the garden

Symbolically, the Dragon can be presented by a stone path. This should happen in a Feng Shui garden in the left half. A tiger could be present in the form of low bushes. A tree trunk or a set for seats could be present for the turtle.

Tighten the Chi energy

At the finish, you would need through Feng Shui, no matter whether garden or interior, the Chi draw energy. This can be done only by you as a precautionary measure to maintain the garden.

Except the power animals, we find small, hidden power figures, such as the laughing Buddha, for example

Feng Shui garden of the laughing Buddha

The following must not be:

Fallen rotten leaves;
Dry branches;
Rotten flowers;

This prevents the flow of energy and badly affected the health of the plants.

Animals and plants are carefully maintained and selected

Feng Shui garden four goldfish

Sun and shadow

A good “rhythm” between shady and sunny areas would have to be found in a Feng Shui garden. Thus, to reach a balance between ying and Yang – the energies of the male and the female start.

There should be no rotten leaves in sight. Also the water should always drain

Feng Shui garden stone fountain

The plants in a Feng Shui garden

Plants by its symbolism, color, and location, can affect the energy in Feng Shui garden very much. You should strive to plants, which all year long flower, always ready to have. So they promote the Chi energy.

The change in the shape of the leaves is also important. They bring energy more Ying with the pointed forms, and the round – pour a Yang.

The nails provide aggression as well as edges and sharp objects. Preferably, this should be positioned on the edge of the House.

A successful Feng Shui-garden is balanced, it reassures the people

Feng Shui garden in Northern Ireland

The colors of the plants and the points of the compass in a Feng Shui garden

The colors of the plants and the flowers should be in line with the points of the compass. In the East, the Evergreen should be. So, you help to meet your needs. White should dominate in the West, so you have great romantic experience. Blue provides good professional development in North West. Red in the South stands for many contacts and an active social life.

The points of the compass as an important orientation point for positioning

Feng Shui garden cherry Blütten

Aromatic plants

According to the rule of designing a Feng Shui garden, the aromatic plants to the front door should be placed around. Lavender can be anywhere but in the garden distributed. He is always a source of cheerfulness and smiles.

Meditation is also one of the Feng-Shui philosophy

Feng Shui garden stones


Also Jasmin brings good mood and atmosphere with it. But its meaning differs from place to place where Jasmine is located. In the East, they promote health through this garden flower, in the Southeast, you worry about the financial stability. By planting of Jasmin in Southwest provide more harmony at home.

Four power animals can be found in the Gärten-Dragon, Tiger, turtle, and Eagles

Feng Shui garden animals Dragon

The trees in the Feng Shui garden

The trees in the Feng Shui Garden have a very serious meaning. The conifers are the most important. You stand as symbols of wisdom and the tedium. You are allowed but not too high to grow so that the balance between the divine animals is not disturbed.

The shapes and the colors are selected according to strict rules and summarized

Feng Shui garden four figs

Decoration in the Feng Shui garden

The decoration plays a very important role in the Feng Sui garden. It provides the variety in this.

It is believed that the water will bring the most luck. That’s why you should consider small fountains and artificial lakes in consideration. Appropriate directions for this would be North, East or South-East.

Never water can but stand still or become soiled. This brings much negative energy.

A sense of cosmic order is to be generated by garden design

Feng Shui garden four Lotus

The decoration in the Feng Shui you should prefer the arched and curved lines garden. Thus, you avoid the sharp edges off. Otherwise, special measures for screening the borders and edges would be needed.

A Feng-Shui garden is supposed to represent the eternal source of life

Feng Shui garden Chi energy

Garden furniture in the Feng Shui garden

Garden furniture, combining the most different materials. None prevails, thus gaining high importance. Balance is the Feng Shui garden facility before all other principles in this aspect. The same also applies to the decorative figures. Mix at least three materials, the best ceramics, wood and metal.

We wish you a wonderful and relaxing summer days in your Feng Shui garden!

.. and protect the beauty in all its forms and to enjoy

Feng Shui garden water lily

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