Feng Shui Plants: About The Protection And Convenience Of Indoor Plants

Feng Shui the protection and convenience of house plants

According to the Feng Shui is not the healthiest environment of energy formed in a closed room. There are different solutions, such as this can be changed to the benefit of the inhabitants.

The plants have this ability for example. They filter the air, increase the content of oxygen. You can also recharge the atmosphere with positive ions.

Feng Shui plant – bamboo

lucky bamboo plants flower pot vase Asia stained

Extent of the positive effect

The positive effect of plants spread over an area with a radius of 1 to 2 m around it. This must be considered in their positioning, necessarily.  The correctly selected and distributed house plants can be viewed as a protection.

These are impossible, make it that strange people or other factors weigh on your home with negative energy.

Indoor plants make for positive energy at home

feng shui houseplants Asian style living ideas aloe vera potted plants

Beautiful indoor plants – orchids

feng shui house plants orchid plants

The plant as a living being

Feng Shui viewed plants as living beings. Use the Chi energy, just as we all do it. At the same time, they are their own source of energy.

So, the plants fulfil their protective function, they must be treated accordingly very well. Love your plant, water it regularly and they will thank you with good energy.

Living room decoration according to the Feng Shui doctrine

beautiful houseplants easy open Wall shelves green plants

Zones, in which the positioning is not recommended by houseplants

According to Feng Shui, there are certain areas in which the positioning of plants need to be dispensed. These are above all the premises in which the communication should run freely. The plants have a protective function and they block the exchange between various energy fields. In the communication, this in turn can mean that certain embassies, which consider the plant than negative, be blocked during the communication process. So, a problem can be understood and accordingly not solved.

The plants have a protective function and they block the exchange between various energy fields

Feng Shui plants potted floor tiles checkerboard

Cacti, succulents and other spiny plants

Not all plants have a beneficial effect. Those must be used very carefully with spikes, for example in the interior design. They should be far away from the people, so that they do not adversely affect them. If you nevertheless choose to such, place them in positions not so open and replace them in accordance with the seasons.

Also arrangements made of dry plants, leaves and branches may be not very close to people.

Cacti, succulents and other low-maintenance houseplants

Feng Shui living vibrant decoration Feng Shui houseplants

Colored Übertopfe

feng shui positive energy plant succulent cacti

Feng Shui on the plant with round leaves

In contrast to the spiny plants, these are especially welcome in the House according to the Feng Shui with round leaves. They provide not only protection but softness in the commutation and bring even more comfort in your four walls.

Money tree – a potted plant, which will take place in every home

feng shui houseplants living ideas easy-care money tree

Cut flowers in vases

Decoration with cut flowers in vases is not very beneficial according to Feng Shui. These are brought to life, which distribute the energy of doom in our House. The injured rods are also carriers of bad energy. Also tighten those from outside to inside.

Positive energy by cut flowers

Feng Shui plants flowers garden plants

The picked plants can be compared according to Feng Shui with injured people.

Feng Shui experts are so basically for the use of indoor plants in the interior design. You must be distributed but absolutely correctly so that the citizens feel protected. At the same time, there must be a distance between them and the people so that the communication is not blocked.

Vases and decoration from picked plants is considered negative, as well as with the spines. Avoid prefer each decoration with dry plants.

Vases and decorative picked plant

Feng Shui plants flowers garden plants decoration

With regard to the fact that the cut flowers of Feng Shui are considered sources of bad energy, garden and potted plants are very important. What is Feng Shui but on the garden?

If we have the opportunity to do so, we should be sure to cultivate a garden. He is a symbolization of the universe and protects your home from negative energy. Here, too, everything should work harmoniously and clearly. The rounded shapes and sheets would dominate. All plant species should have enough space for their growth and good development and the dry leaves should be cleaned and removed as quickly as possible.

Potted plants as a lovely window decoration

Feng Shui pictures houseplants terrace design positive energy

Small Feng Shui garden at home

Feng Shui Feng Shui living garden ideas

The spiny plants and cacti should not dominate. They should be more much in the places, where they can influence directly the harmony and communication in the home.

About the plants in the House and garden you need to worry very well, so they will give you the best of itself.

Create a peaceful Zen atmosphere

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