Flammenblume As A Garden Plant – The Garden Spice Up Great

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garden plant Flammenblume Phlox white garden ideas

The Flammenblume is a beautiful garden plant, which makes your outdoor living

What is your dream garden? What appears in your consciousness, when you think about it? All Gartendeko occur ideas such as great garden sculptures and a small garden pond in the ideas of many people about their dream garden. You need just in the garden design to include something unique, so that the garden appears unique. Without plants, the garden but don’t go. This can deny to anyone…

This beautiful pink flowers will enchant your garden

garden plant Flammenblume Phlox garden plants

Fresh orange Flammenblumen

garden design ideas Orange Flammenblumen exterior

And when it comes to garden plants, we want to draw your attention to a certain garden plants – the Flammenblume (Phlox). Do you know this? And do you like it? Read until the end of the article, maybe the Phlox will attune you to, to complete your garden design by this beautiful flower. Because flowers are what makes up the beautiful garden. And also make sure verb ride color and joy, by letting the atmosphere appear fresh. The beautiful Flammenblume can do it all! You are sure yourself, after you learn this.

White with purple coloring

garden design ideas Flammenblume white purple coloring

A garden flower, which gives the exterior style and freshness

garden design ideas Phlox Orange garden plants

The Flammenblume is a flowering plant, looking like due to the large number of small colored flowers. There are different types with different needs. The most famous among which – creeping phlox, flowering Phlox and tall accordingly in the spring and summer. There are types that would fit in almost any garden. Be carefully, but in the selection of species for example tall Phlox is particularly threatened by the mold. There’s also hardier species of Phlox.

This is but a charming flower!

garden plant Flammenblume pink flower garden design

The Flammenblume radiates a unique elegance

garden plant Phlox Flammenblume white pink

Insert a new layer of compost every spring, and a layer of this fertilizer, so that you retain the moisture and the weed control. During the summer, the plant needs more water, if they can get not enough rain water.

Make the garden look unique

garden design ideas creeping Phlox purple flowers

Purple flowers, which impart vividness the garden

garden plant Phlox Flammenblume purple flowers

See only this gentle flowers! Are they non-irritating?

garden plant white Flammenblume garden design

Design the garden with Flammenblumen!

garden design ideas garden plants pink Flammenblumen

When the leaves wilt, cut the old stems to encourage new flowering. Share the high garden Phloxes every 2 or 3 years of each other, so that you encourage your growth.

The purple Flammenblumen great contrast with the white picket fence

garden design ideas Flammenblume purple exterior

Combine Flammenblumen in white and Pink for more color in the garden

garden design ideas Flammenblumen purple white

Enjoy this endless beauty…

garden design ideas Phlox purple white

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