Flower Bed Set – Old Shoes Show As Planters

Editor   July 19, 2014   Comments Off on Flower Bed Set – Old Shoes Show As Planters

flower bed in Pink Lingerie

Creating a flower bed – creative decorating with the help of old shoes

What are you doing with your old shoes? Old shoes, which came out of fashion or have worn such that long or children’s shoes, which have become too small, all these old shoes are usually thrown away. One can understand this. We have a more practical proposal, which offers a whole new use for old shoes for you. You can with the help of the old lady shoes, sports shoes, or boots an flower bed setby you improve the look of an unsightly corner at home or in the garden. If you are a fan of unusual and creative ideas, this is exactly for you. You will have a unique opportunity to show your creative talent and to develop.  Individual home and garden design needs too much creativity, imagination and creativity, save money and time. Am I right? With such an extraordinary DIY will tinker a stunning, individual home and Gartendeko project, which will attract the envious looks of your neighbors. They will have a lot of fun with security also with the children, if you win it as employees. The result will be completely unique and you will have a fresh decoration at home and in the garden. Look at the photos and get more inspiration ideas!

Make your own extraordinary House and Gartendeko!

flower bed applying in flip flops purple

Gartendeko with Evergreen plants in pink flip flops

flowerbed insert in flip flops

Creative Gartedeko in old chucks

flower bed applying in sports shoes garden ideas

Red boots are great flower stand

flowerbed winter shoes beautiful decorating

Great decoration in the garden with a tree stump and old shoes

Gartendeko flower vessel great shoes

Flowerbed – bring old shoes in usage

flowerbed old athletic shoes beautiful

Impressive decoration with women’s shoes, hearts and Red Roses

flower vascular equip in lingerie

Hanging rubber boots with fresh flowers

Gartendeko flower bed putting on rubber boots

Attractive DIY flower tube

Gartendeko flower bed putting on old shoes

Gartendeko of rubber boots and plants

Gartendeko DIY flower bed putting on boots

Worn out shoes

Gartendeko ideas flower bed putting on shoes

Plant container

Gartendeko ideas flower bed equip sports shoes

Decorative plants surround in the garden

Gartendeko ideas flowerbed creating athletic shoes flowers

Pink boots with gorgeous flowers

Gartendeko ideas flower bed create flower pot

Old women’s shoes in green

Gartendeko ideas flower bed donning women's shoes

DIY creative plant containers made women’s shoes

flowerbed donning lingerie Gartendeko

Colored decorations in the garden

garden design flower bed putting on old shoes

Hanging garden – ballerina shoes

Gartendeko DIY flower bed equip ballerina shoes

Yellow flowers create atmosphere and joy

Gartendeko DIY flower bed creating athletic shoes

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