Flower Boxes On The Windowsill Outside – Safe And Beautiful Floral

window sill outside flower pot Ivy plants

Flower boxes on the window sill outside

We have offered many ideas, how you can plant your Garden or balcony . But probably some of you live in an apartment, rent and have either a garden or a balcony. In this case, we have a cool idea just for you. Replant the windowsills outside. Of course you want to sure that the design is securely fastened and the flower pots can not fall down. This is the most important condition, that you should be aware.

Flowers on the windowsill outside arouse tender feelings

window sill outside flower pot steel lattice flowers

If you live under rent, then you should check, whether you must drill holes within the window fall. If so, you can attach a sturdy construction to the window sill. That would be the secure Variant. Otherwise, you can build a railing for your flower pots, using clamping or clamping clips. They are actually intended for curtains, but fit this very well and are easily removable.

Check the two options and taking the first steps for a beautiful flower decoration on the outer window sills of your apartment.

Decorate your Windows from the outside

window sill outside flower pot metal construction

Make sure that the construction is firmly screwed

window sill outside flower pot mounting fasten

So the facade looks much more beautiful

window sill Draußenblumentopf Petunia flower box colorful, fresh work with spring flowers

window sill outside flower pot white Petunia purple