Flowerpot And Clever Furniture, The At The Same Time Are Practical And Space-saving

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Flowerpot flowerpots colourful aluminium planters

Space-saving flower pots and pieces of furniture for indoor and outdoor

Do you have less and less and less place freely on the balcony or in the garden? Then in any case, you should consider what space-saving solutions in question. Here we have a lot in sight. We present you our collection of modern, space-saving. You will find here fresh ideas for flower pots and pieces of furniture that are clever and modern and will certainly please you. All products are very functional and at the same time have a modern design. Thus, you’ll save not only more space, but you beautify your surroundings. The materials used are mainly plastic, ceramic, wood and metal. Some of the planters are combined with small tables and benches and also for your maximum comfort. Stay with us and find more.

A smart flower pot idea for your balcony

Flowerpot flowerpots railing planters

The Urbio flower pots made of plastic

Flowerpot flowerpots Recycledplastik wall stand

Urbio is a recyclable product which is very light and durable. It is made of polypropylene. The plant containers feature neodymium magnets for secure attachment and the planters are available in different sizes. Urbio is not only multifunctional but also very stylish and fits almost all kinds of indoor and outdoor furnishings.

Select the desired shapes and sizes

Flowerpot flowerpots square plastic panels

The Greenbo railing flower pots

Flowerpot flowerpots railing plastic containers

The Greenbo are particularly useful for your balcony flower pots. They are attached directly to the railing. You have the right form for this and have a secure locking mechanism. This modern flower pots are made of polyurethane and are therefore absolutely weatherproof. You can select your favorite color of course.

Clever idea of flower pot

Flowerpot flowerpots neon green railing

Combine the colours to suit your taste

planters flower pots plastic planters railing

The Flowerpot look very nice in white

Flowerpot flowerpots white plastic

Linda 3 series TherMod

Flowerpot Garden Bench flower pots plant space saving

Space saving, we often need to combine as many functions and activities in a. The TherMod creations are clear examples of this. See for example this fancy bench, which includes at the same time plant container. She would fit perfectly in your garden or on your patio, or?

Successful combination of bench and planters

Flowerpot Garden Bench wood panels wood planks

The cultivation area is sufficient also for larger plants

Flowerpot Garden Bench plant container planters

The Contessa – another great invention from TheMod

flower pots garden benches flower pots plant

And if you want to go a bit further, you opt for the Contessa. This hybrid of bench, planting containers and side table is your environment an appropriate dose of sensuality and romance give.

Practical and romantic at the same time

Flowerpot Garden Bench Garden Bench wood

The undisputed catcher in the garden or on the terrace

flower pots Garden Bench wood bench table flower pots

Stylish plant shelf in the vintage style

planters flower pots plant shelf

The shelf is large enough for your flowers and plants

flowerpots flowerpots elegant wooden shelf

Or do you prefer a square vegetable garden?

planters flower pots garden box plants growing

Flower beds made of wood in the IKEA style

flowerpots flowerpots light wood shelf

You can design the modules according to your mood

flowerpots flowerpots wood modules

The vertical garden PlantScape Terra

planters flower pots planters vertical panels

Ceramic panels with oval flower pots

flowerpots flowerpots wall rack terracotta

This chic planters feature an integrated irrigation

Flowerpot flowerpots details

A stacked herb garden

flowerpots flowerpots stackable

Magnificent green wall

Flowerpot flowerpots vertical figures

With its own irrigation system and fully flexible

Flowerpot flowerpots wall stand vertical

A beautiful, southern flair

Flowerpot flowerpots wall modules Geraniums

Sophisticated hose irrigation

Flowerpot flowerpots white wall panels

Robust, metal planters for your herbs and your vegetables

flower pots of metal stand herbs vegetables growing

Simplicity and elegance in wood

flower pots plant rack vertical wood

Herb Garden and wall greening in a

flowerpots of vertical kitchen garden Basil Rosemary

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