Fresh Landscaping With Acacia

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fresh landscaping with Acacia juicy green

Fresh landscaping with Acacia – Palo Blanco makes beautiful life in the desert

More and more people opt for the investment of a vacation house in a southern country. There is a very attractive plant which revives exactly such dry landscapes in a wonderful way.

The name comes from Spanish and means “White sticks”. He refers to the beautiful white branches, which it does.

The plant at a glance:

Botanical name: Acacia willardiana
Common name: Palo Blanco
Origin: native from Arizona and Mexico
Where would this plant grow: in places where the temperature never falls below zero
Water requirements: Low
Request to sunlight: sunny places
Size: 6 meters high and 4 meters wide to
The delicate leaves are very robust in the Sun

fresh landscaping with Acacia magenta flowers

Advantages and tolerances: If it even has a healthy structure, the plant can tolerate much dryness. But until then it must be watered once a month.

Changes in the different seasons: the plant has flowers in the summer and is throwing up in the winter.

When should the plant be applied: In the spring, summer or fall.

Distinguishing features

This plant is very soft to touch. Thus it contrasts very strongly compared to the sharp types such as the agaves and cacti. In the picture above you can see also the typical shape of the leaves. They consist of Phyllodia, so nail-like leaves and this brings great benefits. Small leaves appear at the end of this spring. This could however be to dark periods. But Phyllodia also allow the photo synthesis, the plant also in this case can survive.

In the winter and turn off the surface of the branches and the beautiful, popular white colour is then

fresh landscaping with Acacia white sticks tender bark

Beautiful cream flowers appear in spring, and the pods follow after these

fresh landscaping with Acacia delicate flowers

How should you use the plant

This tree is perfect for small and narrow spaces, such as the page farms. Through this tree it gives you protection from the Sun and including species, which love the Penumbra, can find a suitable place.

Like an oasis in the desert

fresh landscaping with Acacia and desert vegetation

Many people plant trees in groups of three or four trees the Palo Blanco and increase the Visual impact of this manner.

Advice for planting

Basically, the Palo Blanco trees are very easy to maintain. They can survive in very difficult conditions. Ideally, they need but full sun and rich soil. The depth of the hole should be no deeper than the root.

I wish all of you who have decided for the beautiful Palo Blanco tree fun.

fresh landscaping with Acacia green grass

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