Garden And Landscaping – 5 Gorgeous Flowers For Warm Weather

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garden and landscaping ideas red flower Passionsflower

Do you like tropical flowers garden and landscaping -?

Whether you love it or hate it, there is virtually no tropical garden and landscaping without these wild and crazy flower tendrils. It is extremely exhausting to maintain them, where they do not belong by nature in one place. You need more fertilizer, more space, more trouble. But definitely worth it the beautiful flowers.

Cape geiß leaves (Tecoma capensis)

This plant loves to spread it and to wander. Their beauty is made up of the ravishing orange flowers and evergreen leaves. She is also very popular with pollinators, such as bees (pictured). There are many different shades which range between golden orange going to dramatic red orange. Choose the right options for you.

“Tecoma capensis” or Cape geiß leaves will beautifully decorate your garden

garden and landscaping ideas of Tecoma capensis

This plant flowering stems growing lush a mass forms without any help. You can reach also a lattice structure by loosely binding the emerging stems to their support.

Cover wide hill slopes with the plant or use them to give you lots of space. The gardeners in colder climates are also lucky with this type. She will spread. This plant needs occasional topiary. She is super suitable for growth in pots and can be bound to poles.

Wassebedarf: Once she even grows, low

Demand for light: Full sun

Size: Between 1.8 and 2.4 metres

Season: Late summer to autumn

When should she be planted: Spring to autumn

Passion plants

These can be found in different colors – red, pastel, and white. There are also edible copies, bearing the Latin labels Marakuja and Riesengradilla. You can be eaten very tasty, especially if you are eaten on cream or juice.

Passion in the garden!

garden and landscaping ideas purple Green

The passion plants are great fits for the butterflies, and especially to those from the region. Basically, the passion flowers need not all to care much. But their growth must be restricted in between. You must dilute also in between their groups.

Red passion plant

This plant spreads the most drama in the garden and are you also from time to time edible fruits.

Water requirement: Mediocre

Light needs: Partial or full sun

Size: Between 1.8 and 2.4 metres

Beautiful seasons: Between spring and summer

When will it be planted: Between spring and autumn

Gloerienreiche Lily (Gloriosa superba Rothschildsiana)

The flowers of this species reminiscent the passion flowers thanks to their exotic character, but not the same. You have a jauntier appearance.

They are characterized by their twisted petals and they look down. I would compare them with Comet or flame. The reason is partly also with their ability, their shading between yellow, Orange and red in bloom change.

The exotic beauty of the toxic Gloerienreichen Lily. Please do not touch with bare hands!

Garden and landscaping ideas Gloriosa Lily Lily

You can plant the long and fleshy root on the same principle as onion. If you are in an area with tropical climates, or are just very impatient, you could take even flower pots.

The gloriosa lilies of today is the speech, can be planted next to wireframe, or as informal shrub. You should not try to reduce the complications by pruning. Because as you will damage the plant and the flowers will be slower.

Water requirement: Average

Light needs: Partial Sun or full sun

Caution: this plant can be highly toxic when touched. So you should keep away from the children and you should wear work gloves when he.

Pink trumpet wine (Podranea ricasoliana)

The flowers look like a pink cotton candy in the form of trumpets. It smells wonderfully!

This plant can your garden or balcony beautifully neat

garden and landscaping ideas delicate beauty

The best you should grow this plant on a basis, Pergola or on a fence. If the plant is growing again, it adapts well to dry circumstances. She needs little care and plenty of space to spread out.

Pink trumpet vine is actually a very low-maintenance flower

garden and landscaping ideas decorating fence way

Water requirements: Low

Demand for light: low

Growth: 4 to 6 meters

Flowering time: Between spring and autumn

When should she be planted: between spring and autumn

Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea glabra)

Bougainvillea is the most typical among all plants, which appear in this article. She can be found anywhere on the coast from Florida to California. It fits to the Mediterranean architecture of course well. This is probably the strong and the curved oak trunks, and the beautiful pink flowers.

Like the rose, the bougainvillea has sharp thorns

garden and landscaping ideas green purple bougainvillea

Or maybe she’s so typically Mediterranean due to the high tolerance to drought.

Most people realize not the real flowers. These are wrapped by soft and colours adapted leaf structures. The true flowers are there.

The plant is completely covered by sprayed thorns. This is what many people actually too late discover an unpleasant characteristic.

Water requirements: Low

Demand for light: full sun

Size when fully grown: 12 meters

Flowering time: Between spring and autumn

When should she be planted: between spring and autumn

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