Garden And Landscaping – Large Sized Vegetable Cabbage In Your Garden

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traditional landscaping and garden plants flowers stained

Garden and landscaping – large vegetables cabbage in your garden

A great plant for garden designers: The large vegetable cabbage provides a playful accent in your garden

Create a surprising focal point in the garden by the “cloud” the flowers of vegetables cabbage

Some were surprised about the special attention for this plant probably. But if you look at the picture of the oversized Crown of vegetables cabbage only once, you’d understand exactly. This plant has many advantages. Among other things, it creates a tropical feel with cool and dry climate.

Thanks to the lush sea cabbage you would make a ravishing focal point continue this in your garden. It works with different plant patterns.

Botanical name: Crambe cordifolia

garden and landscaping design idea vegetables cabbage white flowers

The basic information at a glance:

Colloquial name: more cabbage

traditional landscaping and garden plants flowers

Where can this plant grow: you can at very cold temperatures, even up to – 20 degrees survive and can withstand the humid and warm climate difficult

Height, where the plant grows: up to approx. 2000 meters height

Demand for water: varies depending on the climate

Demand for light: direct sunlight

Mature size: between 1 and 2 metres high and between 1 and 1.5 metres wide

Advantages: It provides a reasonably surprising effect. Still it makes for a stark contrast compared to plants with a finer style

The season of growth: The flowers in June and July, and the new leaves between the spring and autumn

Good time for planting: between spring and autumn

Defining characteristics:

The leaves form large groups, and whose leaves are up to 25 cm long. Their appearance reminds them of rhubarb. Hundreds of white flowers grow out of this fabric and these are up to down to 3 meters tall. They grow very close together and that’s why the whole thing takes the form of a cloud.

How does one get this plant in the Garden:

traditional landscaping and garden plants flowers white

Best you should put on a plant of this kind somewhere as a focal point. This is certainly to scatter the better option as the effect through several copies.

They afford most company with plants such as peonies, Dunning capsules, Iris and rose. Plants such as silver-blue or gray plants remain. I would specifically recommend the Artemisia, rye-grass, or the deception Carnation.

Final notes

traditional landscaping and garden plants flowers grass

Have you opted for the planting of this flower? I would mention here are a few things that you should always remember. The plant like the Sun, but would tolerate even the Penumbra.

Water properly and provide the good amount of fertilization. You can also further distribute this plant. This works best in the spring.

traditional landscaping and garden plants flowers stained here you must take account of the voluminous and strong roots

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