Garden Design – 15 Ideas For Tropical Retreat In Your Garden

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Garden design: Enjoy the comfort of your garden

tropical garden designer idea

Have you ever dreamed of a holiday in the tropics? See how these homeowners did: they directly by the back door in their garden retreat. In the last 10 years, family Lange was hard at work, creating a lush, achieving tropical retreat in their oblique California back yard almost every day. This is a ralativ small area takes only one-third of the hectares. Read on to see how they have here meets their place with color, charm and personal sound.

A canopy of Redwood

tropical landscaping idea

One of the first projects of by Lange was the construction of a canopy. Because the backyard is on a septic system with filters, they could dig too much. Instead, they opted for 1,200 square meter roof of Redwood.

The Tiki Bar in the tropical garden

garden design for your backyard

That is one of the most striking elements of the backyard long Tiki Bar. Equipped with a thatched roof and a good bartender, it is the ideal place for entertainment of the guests. The long brought their inspiration for this from a tropical area.

Attractive soft outdoor lighting

garden ideas and advice

The multitude of different soft lighting, the backyard looks more attractive and secure when the sun goes down. Create different effects in your area where you can place outdoor lighting body of different kind.Test garden advice: save money and act with solar-powered lights green. The new models endure long much for one than the old.

The collection of cheerful character

landscaping character Parrot

A collection of fun characters bring some color into your garden. The long plant many deciduous trees instead of flowers.Test garden advice: pay attention to the plants in the planning of your backyard. Choose lavender, Sage and other silvery leaves plants for a Mediterranean atmosphere.

the 300-year old oak tree

oak garden

Hidden beneath a canopy of 300th Oaks, the long enjoy plenty of shade. All the leaves, as well as the birds of paradise, ferns and Japanese Maples create a romantic freshness, so that it is pleasantly cool even on the hottest days in the garden.

The large pond in the garden

garden design retreat

A large pond, the water of which comes from a 15-meter-high waterfall is located next to the canopy. The moving water provides the perfect background music tone for a perfect relaxation.

Collection of fish in the pond

landscaping pond fish

The long provide a collection of fish in their pond. These colourful pond inhabitants are the darlings of the guests in the long garden.

The creation of fountains and retaining walls

artwork by garden tropical retreat

Family long has unearthed a lot of stone on their property and used the stone for a good cause – to the creation of fountains and retaining walls. They built also a profusion of plants and deciduous trees.

The antique Cabinet

garden ideas and advice

The Langes have found an antique Cabinet, they have transformed into a potting bench. The Cabinet has now also a stunning water feature. The top of the Cabinet holding container, seeds, and different tools.

Multifunctional drawers in the garden

garden design retreat

The Cabinet drawers have a beautiful water feature. The family used fiberglass resin to seal the drawers. Then they replaced the buttons against a handle and a drilled a hole under each. A small piece of hose into each hole gushing water out, and a pump in the bottom drawer water circulates back to the top.

The small pond and a waterfall

tropical landscaping ideas

Under the protection of a Pergola, the family put a second pond and a waterfall. Its central location close to several garden room is especially important, because the guests can enjoy the sound of the waterfall of multiple seats in the garden.

Table in the garden

tropical landscaping idea

The family wanted to create the perfect place for themselves, where they can relax the best, that’s why they put a few patio chairs under the Pergola.

Fan installed under the Pergola

garden design for your backyard

A fan is installed under the Pergola, refreshes the air. As the summer heat is a big problem and this removes mosquitoes and other flying insects.

Just enjoy the flickering light of the fire pit

tropical landscaping idea

Make a few benches around a fire pit as did the long and take place at the end of the day there to enjoy the cool evening, or simply looking at the flickering light in the silence.

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