Garden Design And Landscaping, Inspired By Henri Matisse

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artwork by Henri Matisse inspired landscape abstract

Garden design and landscaping – how bout the artist Henri Matisse would be a landscape architect?

Henri Matisse painted in a traditional manner in his early life. in 1941 an OP on the bed bound him and he could no longer paint with brushes. For this reason, he has started using scissors. He has cut out colored paper and created the so-called collagen from the various pieces découpés gouaches. In his works, it’s on the use of bold shapes and colors. Their interaction and the room are with subject.

You could cut off bold shapes, by one slot and or used paper. You could then distribute them in different parts of the garden. Then playful cope by modifying their size and shape. With a little patience, you will reach a design that fits perfectly to you and the daring of Matisse.

You want to know more about the practical execution of this art designs? Here, I have a few Designbeispiele for you, which clearly attributable to the influence of Matisse.

Here we see one of the uncomplicated forms almost two dimensional designs. To achieve this effect with collagen. The rectangles achieve a seamless balance between them and you could integrate it into a larger landscape.

Garden inspiration from the art of Henri Matisse

garden design and landscaping Henri Matisse

Would it be because not much easier to paint the shapes on a sheet of paper or cardboard, instead of having to install everything on a plan? So you will get a feel for its size and the relation to each other and also for their weight within the skin.

Modified garden ideas of contemporary art

garden design and landscaping Henri Matisse backyard lawn wood floor

Matisse has arranged several times this after the Ausschneinden of forms in different ways until he has reached a satisfactory result. Sometimes he has spent for months. The works were attached to the wall, so that he could see the results.

Why do not the same as he? After you have cut out the shapes, you hang them on the wall for a while. Make some changes with the scissors instead of letting you take expensive basic changes in the landscape, once you have installed this once ready.

Perfection urge!

modern garden design and landscaping Henri Matisse backyard plants

The colors in the works by Mattisse are very intense. The sense of proportion and balance in some very simple pictures is simply gorgeous.

You can experience the same effect in many contemporary gardens.

The forms are very simple, almost like a base. But somehow the individual shapes are very suitable to each other

relaxation corner In the garden garden design and landscaping Henri Matisse

The most famous collage of Matisse called “The snail”. It is very large, 3 x 3 meters. The harmonious dealing with the size and the shapes within a predetermined framework is amazing here. This design does not only gur, but is quite pleasant.

The worm by Henri Matisse

artwork by Henri Matisse inspired landscape abstract art

The varying forms within this contemporary design would have appeared very quickly crowded, but actually, their appearance is quite harmonious. All pieces fit perfectly to each other.

Matisse loved the curved shapes. A large part of his characters is by people. These occur in the wonderful series of “Blue Nude”. They are almost exclusively limited to contours, and you have the feeling that they dance on the paper.

“Blue nude” of the year 1952

art by Henri Matisse inspiration

The bends and curves are a difficult topic within the garden designs, because the gardens appear to be made mostly within a rectangular frame. The beautiful glass forms here follow the example of Matisse and ensure a great movement in the room. Nothing changes the fact that everything is a wonderful unit.

Forms that create a “mobile” look

modern garden design and landscaping Henri Matisse lawn

“Lagoon” is another example of the love of Matisse for the use of curved shapes in his collagen. There, the sensual shapes of purple seem black and white, before coming to. These in turn serve as a wonderful background to blue and green. The whole thing would have decomposed very quickly and eagerly created can look. But also here Matisse of whose ability has proven to carry it all in a wonderful balance and in the appropriate proportions.

Balance and appropriate proportions, a symbol for beauty

modern garden design and landscaping Henri Matisse Rasenf tiles winter garden way

The curved shape of this pebble path appears good for the same reason. It is in harmony with the rest of the area. The placement of boulders in the way is a wonderful exercise for the use of collagen within the design process.

The bottom line, you can learn how the different forms within different frameworks can be used by Matisse. By carefully examining its collagen, we could also learn how we make our design simple by creating the structure of balance and levels, without it out to many details to dis harmonise everything.

Different forms within different frameworks

modern garden design and landscaping Henri Matisse garden lighting concerns

Everything on the basis of various shapes and materials could be fulfilled in this garden here. But that is not the case. Instead, it looks simply ravishing.

All areas seem to be connected

modern garden ideas, garden design and landscaping Henri Matisse inspiration

So if you have above, garden design or to redesign, take your scissors and look at a page from the book of the Matisse

art by Henri Matisse inspired landscape abstract

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