Garden Design: Classic Ornaments In The Garden

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Classic ornaments in the garden – ideas and suggestions

garden sculpture classic ornaments In the garden

Verdigris is in blue-green color that takes copper and rust over time. This simple plaque made of concrete will have a whole new Outlook, when it is finished and is similar to even a venerable ancient.Our proposal will help you so that your garden has a view of the ancient. Follow our easy and useful steps.The following instructions explain how to reach the look of green chip in a few steps.

Wiping of the concrete with a clean, damp cloth

classical ornaments In the garden views

In this example, we use a garden sculpture.

To create the patina of age, three mix caramel-colored paint to four tones. Combine the colours carefully to get a pleasant result.

Classic detail in your garden

garden design classic elements In the garden

Start with the wiping off of the concrete with a clean, damp cloth to remove dirt and dust. Allow it to dry.

Mix three caramel-colored paint to four tones

classical ornaments In the garden mix colors

Mix some LaTeX glazing liquid four parts greyish-green latex paint. Paint about one-third of the plate. Klecksen and blot with a clean cotton cloth.

Klecksen and Pat with a clean cotton cloth

classical elements garden appearance

Rub the glaze in columns and DAB off excess paint on the details. Add more icing if necessary. After the plaque dries, you end with three layers. Let dry between coats.

Original idea to decorate your garden

ornaments garden idea classic

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