Garden Design: Create Stunning, Hanging Baskets In The Garden

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Beautiful, hanging flower baskets in the garden – garden design

hanging baskets garden design

Create a practical bag with Succulents in the garden. We have found a great challenge is to arrange beautiful flower baskets with these plants, where they can endure even longer from drying out. You can different varieties of succulent together anplanzen, for example: the durable “Hens and chicks”, echeveria, Sedum, or drought tolerant species. It’s easy as child’s play! Succulents are an unusual choice, but virtually no irrigation requiring even on hot, sunny days.

The Red Geraniums

breathtaking baskets In the garden

Even if you are old fashioned, geraniums are still a top pick for hot, sunny places – and combine well with almost any other flower varieties. (No wonder they are tried and true favorites among the housewives!) This red Geraniums to drape with a flowing Ivy and blue lobelia combined and have a hat from a simple dragon tree for a classic look.

A. geranium (Pelargonium ‘Designer Cherry’) – 1B. dracaena marginata – 1C. lobelia ‘Blue Waterfall’ – 4D. Ivy (Hedera helix) – 3

Flower mix

landscaping mixture of flowers

Anyway, these are great colors that catch the look from a certain distance. Our advice: If you redesign your garden or your home and arrange, you choose then bright luminous colours. Their neighbors would determine a topic have to chat!

A. geranium (Pelargonium ‘Designer Cherry’) – 1B. Swan River Daisy (Brachyscome iberidifolia ‘Mini Yellow’) – 1C. Nirembergia ‘ purple robe’ – 3D. marigold (tagetes ‘Lemon Gem’) – 3E. Petunia ‘Supercascade Rose’ – 1

effective combination of flowers

Plant with small leaves

Plants with small leaves and flowers create a fine combination that add a touch of sophistication to your garden or balcony. We like this simple but effective blend – it’s like a hint of snow in the summer. This basket is best in full sun.

A. Swan River Daisy (Brachyscome iberidifolia) – 3B. Bacopa (Sutera ‘Schneestorm’) – 3C. ornamental asparagus (asparagus sprengeri) – 1

A hanging basket with its fine flowers

garden design hanging effective baskets

We have shown you a lot of flower baskets, which is actually created on the contrasts of color and combination of different flower varieties. Our goal is always the good looks, the beautiful view – without exaggeration.

A. Impatiens ‘Victorian Lilac’ – 3B. Impatiens ‘ Xtreme pink ‘ – 3

Beautiful purple leaves

landscaping mixture of flowers

Purple leaves are written in these days, but they thrive so well in the shade, because their dark color tends to fade. Fortunately, there are the leaves golden in the garden – and this is an excellent choice, that bring color and shadow in your garden.

A. Fuchsia magellanica ‘Variegata’ – 1B. sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batatas ‘Margarita’) – 1

Alternanthera lilac and purple flowering Torenia

landscaping mixture of flowers

Here is a great example of how much fun can give you new plants in your yard. Old-fashioned impatiens and wax Begonias are perfect choices for more shade in the garden but they are now complemented by two wonderful newcomer, purple leaf Alternanthera and purple flowering Torenia. Our advice: You can achieve great effect, even without flowers, plants of varieties with large leaves like this Alternanthera.

A. Alternanthera ‘Ruby’ – 1B. Torenia ‘Catalina Blue’ – 2C. Impatiens ‘Accent’ series – 5D. wax Begonia (Begonia ‘ Prelude red ‘) – 2

This basket grows best in the Sun

landscaping mixture of flowers

Use lush vines like this, so that you fully complete a traditional, hanging basket, and then cover it with a skirt of conspicuous color. This basket grows best in the Sun.

A. Calibrachoa ‘Cabaret Purple’ – 2B. Verbena ‘ Aztec cherry red ‘ – 1C. Snapdragon (Antirrhinum ‘Bells White’) – 2

Calibrachoa blooming in almost any colour

garden design hanging effective baskets

You can not forget Calibrachoa (also called million bells) for their incredible flower power!. Fill a basket of full of color only from a variety. This is a good way to create a breathtaking, hanging basket with beautiful plants that look good together. The Calibrachoa blooming in almost any color, you can find the one that is the perfect addition to your garden.

A. Calibrachoa ‘Cabaret Rose’ – 4

Tender pink flower

hanging baskets In the garden

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