Garden Design – Errors, Which You

What are general errors in the garden design – they?

How can you make a garden well and modern?  We have the answer.  You have to know what to do, but is also to avoid, which is clear. Do you agree? We have created a list of common errors, it commits in the garden design . See it at: If you remember it, or write down and evade them, set a milestone and are on the way to your success.

Garden design is always a beautiful impression with gorgeous flowers

garden design ideas flowers garden plants extrerieur

As you plan your garden landscaping – ideas

garden garden plants extérieur ideas

Green leaves are a treat for the eyes

Of course, the beauty of the garden is made up in large part from the beautiful flowers. However, this does not exist throughout the year. Actually wait usually longer on it, when you can enjoy it. You need therefore plan your garden design with these plants, which have beautiful green leaves and rods.

The small front garden design with green

garden plants garden design ideas small garden leaves

You buy too little of a plant variety

If you have opted for a plant variety, then get more of this home. So she will spread faster. Also have several plants, and it is not as dramatic, if one or the other not so well developed.

Flowers in stark colours capture attention

garden garden plants beautiful colors

You purchase diseased plants

The plants, which you purchase might have a disease and if so, then check out practically your money and your effort to the window. Find out what look like the healthy plants of a given variety and check that you buy after the unpleasant symptoms.

With a large amount of flowers make beautiful garden

garden design-colored garden ideas flowers flowers

Choose plants, whose Blüten fully made up

Many garden owners are tempted to buy these flowers, which have already opened their flowers. But actually, that’s not particularly suitable for garden design. You need much more buds, which will only show their beauty at home with you.

Flowers with different size side by side position and the garden make living

garden ideas make colored garden ideas

Plants with a poor root system

You must judge the plants not only to the rods and sheets, but also to the roots and select. If they are rotting or otherwise have a disadvantage, you should choose another necessarily.

Watch the roots of garden plants

garden design gardening take root

Garden plants need also a constant care

garden design garden flowers plants purple beautiful leaves

You ignore all possible instructions for care?

Each species is unique and she must be maintained accordingly. Not ignore the information and descriptions, which are thus supplied.

Bring color and joy in the garden

plant garden ideas flowers colored beautiful

The dimensions of your garden may be decisive for the plants and flower choice

Various plants are different dominant in garden design.  They must be chosen so that they provide a clear, yet marked by abundance garden design. So, choose the plant in shape and size, which meet these criteria.

Decorate the backyard with plants

garden design ideas backyard garden plants

You choose the colors randomly

A colorful garden is beautiful, but the nuances may arbitrarily be selected, if you want to achieve a sophisticated look. Rather, you should ensure that a harmonious look is created. It works on the one hand by the fact that you select together corresponding colors. You can continue on strong contrasts. The monochrome coloured garden design with a few strong colored accents is currently very fashionable.

Better harmonise the colors

garden design garden plants flowers garden ideas

Make for a beautiful garden

garden design colors combine garden plants

You wait too long, until you put your potted plants?

Use fast plants after the purchase in the garden. The pots are not the healthiest environment for them and they could be sick very quickly. Can’t admit prefer it.

Watch the pot plants in the outdoor area

garden design ideas potted garden furniture

Get help

The garden design is a challenging task. You can learn much, what brings you benefits in everyday life. You can for example more patient or get used to accept foreign help.

Flowers make with different heights more interesting look the garden

garden design garden plants colored flowers

Outdoor chic fashion

garden ideas make potted garden ideas garden plants

Interesting flowers give the garden charm

garden design flower flowers garden ideas

Beautify the entrance with potted plants

garden garden plant flower pot leaves beautiful

The interest of large leaves

garden design garden plants leaves extrerieur

Beautifully arrange the plants

garden design ideas garden plan gravel

Purple and yellow create a nice optical effect

garden ideas fashion colors combine

The diversity makes the garden

garden design-color flowers garden ideas