Garden Design – How Can The Rose Garden Properly Maintain

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rose garden right maintaining white roses flowers

Ultimate care for your rose garden

You like to have roses? -With our tips, the most beautiful roses can grow in your area! The can you believe us, follow our advice!

The two most important things that you need for your roses at the beginning, is to ensure that they will flourish in the right growing conditions, and that you plant them correctly.

All roses grow best in full sun – the rose garden properly maintain

rose garden right maintain Rosa pleasant spring

All roses grow best in full sun, on moist, well-permeable soil that is rich in organic matter. Make sure that your roses get direct sunlight at least six hours a day. If they get less light, not good bloom the plants and be attacked more prone to pests and diseases.

While some roses better than other varieties like shadow, no roses in shady places thrive.

Make sure your roses get direct sunlight at least six hours a day

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Rose cultivation

With bare roots, you can buy roses in spring.  You are just like a number of roots in peat moss or packed a similar material, keeps the moisture well. The best would be to buy roses when they are asleep or just starting to grow with bare roots.

The Roses planted in containers are usually a little more expensive than those with bare roots, but are easier to grow. You need only a hole to dig about as wide, but not deep double than the pot of roses. Take the rose from the tank and loosen the roots. Spread them out, if they are rooted in a circle around the root ball. Place the roots in the ground and lay about Earth and around around and then you can water your newly planted flower! The cultivation of Roses is so easy!

Care for roses in the winterrose garden right maintaining white winter

More tips for rose growing:

Make sure that water your roses well, after you have grown. Especially when to plant roses in the summer, the danger of drying out the Roses is still in the first few weeks after installation. Therefore, set 5-7.5 cm thick layer of mulch to the soil around the rose tribes. This helps the soil to hold moisture and prevent weed growth at the same time. This can be a barrier for soil-borne diseases, which are then spread on leaves.

Cut the Roses

rose garden right maintaining white roses cut

Cut your roses regularly, they will be however lush, healthy and full of flowers! Most gardeners prune in the spring, shortly before the plants begin to wake their roses. When the pruning of roses, make sure that the air can flow freely through the system, how you do it – it’s easy: leave no dead branches, as well as no small weak sticks!

Cut out the wilted flowers!

rose garden right maintaining white roses prevention

Pick out the wilted flowers sounds not good, but this means cutting off the faded flowers – this makes your roses look better, helps also diseases to take a bow and promotes then yet another flowering of roses.

Watering the Roses

rose garden right maintaining white roses irrigation

The most rose varieties are not super tolerant to drought, so you provide them regularly with moisture to maintain healthy and flourishing. The rule of thumb here is: Roses prefer about 2.5 cm of water per week. But it’s a little misleading. It is important that water which is the depth of water to the roots where it remains moist longer. Using a watering hose, to keep healthy your roses! The hose seeping water directly to the roots of the rose, in the ground. The leaves remain dry, so resist many diseases your roses.

Nutrition of plants – fertilizer

rose garden right maintaining white roses idea

If your garden with rich soil is blessed or change it regularly with compost or other organic matter, are you probably do not need it, your plants in addition to his approach. But if your soil is poor, or grow your roses in containers, then necessarily you need to fertilize. The fertilizers are very helpful in this case.

Fresh, fragrant roses in delicate, bright colors

rose garden right maintain Rosa pleasant freshness

In meiset cases, all you need is a general purpose garden fertilizer. Follow only the instructions on the packaging.

You might be tempted to use more fertilizer than recommended. Eutrophication can injure roots of the rose or kill even your plants. Be careful here!

The roses in containers can properly feed, then you must also feed them. A simple solution is to use herbal solution. They must apply only once or twice during the season and that’s enough, she feed on your plants for months long.

rose garden right care pink flowers gazebo beautiful, a beautiful rose garden and an open gazebo made of wood tender, fresh orange rose petals

rose garden right care pink orange white bench made of wood in the middle of the rose garden – dark red and white blossoms

rose garden right maintaining white red flowers Bank

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