Garden Design Ideas For Beginners – Edible Plants Planting

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garden design ideas plants garden ideas

Landscaping ideas – 10 easy-to-maintain plants for beginner gardeners

The idea that one builds plants, bringing many people into temptation. Pictures of edible gardens provide lush landscapes, which are filled with a great mix of vegetables, herbs and flowers. You make one stop and to look at them.

The question is simple, what you should grow. The following 10 plant varieties are great for the beginning

garden design ideas plants radish

They are one of the vegetables that grow the fastest. In many cases you can start already after two weeks, to eat this. They can be planted by the beginning of spring until late summer.


garden design ideas edible plant carrots carrots

Lange and orange are the features which are associated to. But the carrot of today can be seen in different variations. You can be a long and narrow and short and thick. Exactly like the radish, can enjoy soon this. You are ready to eat within one month.

Much more than other varieties, they require a lump-free, loose and stone ground. Just so they can keep their form.


garden design ideas green salad plants

To grow own salads, can be easily as super. Also, there are a few varieties that grow super well in partial shade, especially when it’s warm. Lettuces are bitter, if they grow in warm weather. This concerns also the newer varieties, which were bred so the bolts to Dodge.

Start with some varieties of lettuce with loose leaves and mix them with others. You would make good choice with chervil, Arugula, chicory and spinach. It would create a homemade salad mixture.


garden design ideas plants spices herbs

Those that are really easy to grow are among my favorite herbs. Some like Mint are a must for any garden in my opinion. They must apply them only in specific places and they are spread out everywhere in the garden.

I recommend to most planting in a formal garden of autumn, mixing with other herbs. Wonderfully they grow also in plant containers.


garden design ideas plants strawberries

The taste of freshly picked strawberries is reason enough to grow them. If you also have to remember that they fit well in any climate and that they grow well in any kind of plant containers, including the hanging, they will perfectly for all beginner gardener. You will find a long list of problems that may possibly arise in the specialized books. But most people of think that these are easily actually.


garden design ideas plants beans

You are a staple that is super popular with gardeners. These include also the green beans. Opt for the Bush beans because faster are ripe for harvest and grow low to the ground. Alternatively you can to look for varieties, which will display the properties of the vines. Put this next to all possible objects, so around their branches can wrap around. In this way, you can bring many varieties to grow, such as dry beans, Lima beans, Styrian beetle beans, broad beans and even soy beans.


garden design ideas plants tomatoes

Many people recognize a garden for “edible”, if there is there not at least a couple of tomatoes. You can hear many stories about various issues. These include the white flies as well as the awful-sounding diseases. But it should not reduce your enthusiasm. You should just look for varieties that are quite suitable for your climate. Don’t forget that you have different varieties to choose from, among which you can choose something for themselves.


garden design ideas plants Mangold biting Kohl

This plant is very easy to grow. Prefers the cool climate and the crop comes in 60 days. She is also ready to be harvested also in the warm seasons.

She can be grown separately or together with other edible plants. Easy this works if you decide for the bright light variety.


garden design ideas edible plant peppers

The pepper of all types need warm and hot growing season, but it is worth to wait on them. If you want to have a milder taste, then you decide for the finer varieties and many different colors. All possible could, how about yellow, red, purple, be green. Also the sizes could be quite different.

If you like it, you can rely on even hot pepper varieties.


garden design ideas plants Zucchini

If you choose this plant, you should know that you will eat this in a couple of weeks can and then through the whole summer.

They are legendary for how quickly they can grow and how much they produce. The same actually applies to all squash varieties. They appear everywhere, where the seeds have wintered including compost heaps. The amount of the fruit is often impressive. The place can be a bit problematic, you will use.

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