Garden Design Ideas With Spring Flowers – The Beauty Of Tulips

Posted on Mar 26, 2014

garden design ideas tulips flowers

Gardening made easy: tulips

Recently, I had the good fortune to visit the so-called Fioli garden. It is located near the city of San Francisco (United States). The sky was blue, the birds were singing and the Immaculate garden bathed in the spring sun. While I’m gone for a walk in this historic piece of Earth, I could otherwise be impressed by his Majesty. Everything here was the style of the garden of the English urban houses, which are characterized by their stone balustrade and striking garden rooms.

But the reason for my visit was something much more modest: I wanted to see the tulips there. This vibrant spring flowers were distributed in large quantities in the garden. Bold blocks in red, gold, pink and filled with white flower beds and containers of spring represented a real celebration of the new season.

This unique California jewel offers for apartment owners, no matter how big or small their garden is many Frühlingsdesignideen. Here are which, with which you could start.

Landscaping ideas – mass in the countryside

garden design ideas trees hedge tulips

The tulips show a dramatic appearance when they are planted in mass. Unique variety fills each of this formal garden beds, which are defined by cropped book tree wood design.

Because they are surrounded in this way, the garden shows a structure, even if the flowers are not fully developed. This is a feature for which you will be particularly grateful in the autumn.

The blooming cherry trees provide more height and an extra layer of colour, while the shadows with their open canopies serve as a sunlight filter. You create an additional lovely atmosphere.

Light up the way

garden design ideas yellow tulips flower pots stairs

This is a very simple idea, you must try out at home. In autumn you should plant then great container plants with layers of individual types of Tulip and they grow in a remote sunny place.

If they are knocked out well and begin to bloom, you should take them out to flank big roads. A formal, structured look, the containers in parallel rows should be positioned. This looks especially effectively on stairs, as you can see it here.

You can create this look is still even if you’s forgotten in the autumn to plant the tulips.

You can also easily convert plants in larger containers.

In this image you can see, like different types of Tulip by series of garden rooms, which lead the eye along a way. Small, weathered terracotta pots sit in the front of a sundial with white daffodils and look so beautiful.

Inspirational garden design ideas for the upcoming summer season

garden design ideas garden design with stone plants Fontän

In the distance you can see as pots of pink tulips flank the paths and ask one to look for the final destination.

Add more color to the Atria

garden design ideas garden and plant grass

These gnarled, old Elm is certainly one of the most dramatic trees in the garden, especially in the spring when the exciting branch patterns show up. But no matter how beautiful the tree, one prefers it to enjoy it rather than too close to this from a distance.

On the contrary the ambience is illuminated by pots of boldly colored tulips, which are distributed in the environment, and this invites us to approach.

Is your Atrium not particularly inspiring to this time of year?

Here you did it in a simple manner, to freshen up the atmosphere

garden and landscaping garden design ideas with tulips

Red and Golden tulips explode like Fireworks here. The juxtaposition of soft, vibrant flowers and weathered benches, which are encrusted with lichens, all together is a great image.

Enjoy the beauty of tulips

landscaping garden design and garden tulips ideas

This is such a simple idea, which requires only a few moments for their realization. But transforming the sleeping Atrium into a spring destination.

Groups of pots at the door entrance

garden and landscaping garden design ideas tulips In the Blühmentopf

An informal group of pots invites visitors to the winter garden. The soft and pale colors of tulips and the pots look perfect against the backdrop of the old brick.

Probably have many terracotta just like I container, which collect only dust. There are also a great idea for another use. Hyacinths, daffodils, tulips and grape hyacinth were placed in individual containers, to create a spring garden.

Delicate white and pink shades create a romantic, feminine touch in this Court

garden and landscape construction ideas spring flowers tulips In the Blühmentopf

Tips for planting of tulips

garden and landscaping garden design ideas spring flowers tulips

When should she be planted: you plant the bulbs in the spring before the frost.

Light requirements: Full sun

Water requirements: Mediocre

Earth: The tulips need well fertilised soil, which is also still this richly fertilized and loose. For the pots, you are looking for the best well fertilised container mix, which contains no water retention.

Fertilizers: This should be attached in addition to the roots to promote growth.

Room: The depth and the distance between the bulbs depend on their size. The packs can be read the instructions for use.

Warning: Remove the plants, once they are rotting, to avoid the formation of seeds. The tulips as annual plants are treated in many areas. Where they are year-round, allow the decay of leaves and let these are yellow before you remove it from there and maybe somewhere store.

Pests: Squirrel love tulips. Try to protect them by wire mesh or place them in a special nail home.

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