Garden Design In French Style – The Basic Rules!

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Add a romantic touch to your garden!

In the first part of the article, we have given some general information about French garden design. We have described what criteria we can distinguish a French garden quickly and easily. Still, we have made clear what relationship he is of Italian and French tradition.

In the continuation of the theme, which takes place today, we go a bit more practical. It just comes to how we can make a garden in the French style in practice. As you can see own you need any professional skills to do this.

Start with the basic stuff!

What is the basis of a French garden? Are the following elements: stucco, stone items, and lavender. Still, the facade of the House to fit need to run to the French garden design. In this case, the outer window frames of the House are Flash colorful accents.

Garden design in the French style

gartengestaltng garden boxwood shrubs Lavender geometric design

You need to make a strong contrast to the gentle green, purple and white nuances of the garden.

Do you have a small yard? Just on such a surface, the real presence of the French garden may be the validity. It recognizes that when it is seen from the height.

In this small garden all main elements of the French garden design must exist but for this purpose. Following are: just geometric shapes, smoothly shaped bushes, Garden paths of gravel and a monochrome palette.

A tip: Even in a formal garden, you should introduce the one or other unusual element. So, you create an individual image, what is also of importance to the French style. This may seem never to sterile.

Successful garden art and organic shapes

French garden design garden conifers garden ideas

Stone surfaces – very typical of the French garden

Pebbles and stone terraces are the distinctive characters of the French garden. With the first, you can easily start the design. You can define the lines of this stone. Gravel is used mostly for the outer edges. In the central part of the garden using stepping stones, because they are more stable.

Tip: Attach as much as possible the stones in their place. This, then, you have less maintenance work.

The gravel roads are also typical in the French garden. To emphasize this in the one or the other direction, you can use flanking trees. They also provide more mystique and a charmantere appearance.

Lively geometry in green

gartengestaltng garden geometric forms straight lines joined

Properly designing the plant beds

The symmetry is of fundamental importance for the French garden design. You comes the plant beds particularly hard to bear. Make sure that your lines are very well designed.

The low boxwood, which define the plant beds are a proven method for achieving this effect.

Once the lines are clearly defined, there are the forms. With these, you have pretty much free space.

Typical forms of the French garden design are the diamonds and the half-circles. You can place such as the first in a part of the garden, and the half-circles into one another.

Romantic summer dream

gartengestaltng garden Castle summer flowers grass green

Plan many plants in the French garden!

The next step in the French garden design is to add the plants. You must position them within the lines already in use. Plants prefer multi-year and Evergreen varieties. If you want to achieve a more classic look, rather limited to fewer plants.

Tip: Pay attention to the heyday of garden flowers. A bed full of tulips looks charming, but only in the spring.

Joie de vivre and pure relaxation

gartengestaltng ideas summer flowers Angel garden statue park wood pergola

A place for eating and entertainment

Do you want the feeling that you were in the French Provence? Then, you need great dining and recreation areas out there. Keep the items simple and use low furniture.

Tip: The dining area away from the House be ready that he seems like a special spot in the garden design.

Decorative elements

The decorative elements are important. You can reach this a closed look at garden design. Statues, urns and richly ornamented plant pots are typical elements of the French garden design.

Fountains are essential for the French garden

gartengestaltng garden fountains around boxwood design

Let the small garden areas not

Even if you have a larger garden, you must allow the outside does not ignore small surfaces. Even the smallest backyard can be wonderfully spiced up according to the rules of the French garden design.

Curved lines of boxwood in the garden design

French garden design ideas garden boxwood roses Ivy

Small garden House and the perfect landscaping

gartengestaltng garden hedge of boxwood shrubs green grass Stone House Garden House

Spring in the garden

gartengestaltng ideas boxwood garden Lavender tulips needle trees

Magical and mystical

gartengestaltng garden boxwood shrubs garden ornaments

Or perfectly organized and opulent

gartengestaltng garden boxwood tree geometric pattern

Mysterious and inviting

gartengestaltng ideas garden boxwood tree provence country louse

The garden of the castle of Villandry – Indre-et-Loire, France

gartengestaltng boxwood garden structure Castle Park System

gartengestaltng garden panoramic geometric structure

gartengestaltng garden parkland Castle fountain geometric pattern

gartengestaltng garden terrace closed geometric figures

gating French garden design ideas green grass boxwood

French garden design ideas garden garden art boxwood shrubs

French garden design ideas garden countryside castle trees flowers

gartengestaltng ideas geometric boxwood garden flowers gardens

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