Garden Figures – 23 Striking, Rustic Garden Ideas

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flowers flowers yellow purple water garden design grass

Our garden planner to your attention

To create the front yard is a complicated task and it deals thus usually in the spring or in the summer. Especially a well kept and landscaped front yard catches the eye immediately and and allows different flower types there to plant and to feel proud of themselves. You can embellish this area with flowers, grass, River stones, pebbles and other applied decoration.

In front of your House, you can make a small garden by you depend on some components. Here, we will show you several great ideas for front yard representing exceptional, different outdoor environments.

Magic effect

A stunning design, white picket fence and sweet well kept lawn can look like the front yard as if it has come out from a children’s book. Gorgeous pink and purple flowers combine perfectly with the colorful home.

Wooden retreat

The Evergreen plants are beautiful and good choices for the garden

Fashion front yard

fashion flowers garden design garden decorating

Rustic house

An open door is located in the idyllic home. The footpath winding stone follows in the whole front yard and the trees and grasses consistently enjoy.

Garden stones

Huge boulders and natural foliage make the rustic style house. The simple, robust look is peaceful and easy to clean.

Traditional charm

Factual garden decoration as the antique iron gate and vegetables planted to gives this House a rural touch. A curved road makes the classic home look like a great recreation area.

Potted a

Integrate flower pots and plant boxes in the front yard so that you can easily switch the various plant species.

Floral delight

The neutral color of this House in the Spanish style creates the perfect backdrop for this front full of colorful flowers. Cute colors in the flower bed and window boxes of across the House facade.

Tall plants that serve as a privacy screen

make beautiful aesthetically walk landscaping front yard decoration

Fresh, fabulous surroundings in front of your House

make beautiful aesthetically saturated landscaping front yard decoration

Garden flowers offer beauty and freshness

make beautiful aesthetically practically landscaping front yard decoration

Fairy tale cottage

make beautiful Kühn Gartengestaltung decorating front yard

Natural stone flooring – the walk in the garden

make beautiful shadow landscaping front yard decorating

Lush shrubs

staircase body walk entrance staircase front yard

Mini garden fence – more decorative than protective

decoration wood fence front yard bushes

Artificial grass – well kept lawn

grass flowers Schön Klein design garden design

Rural landscape

front yard grass flowerbed flagstone walk

Enjoy the nature Outlook

make tree house lush flower garden

River stones and pebbles

riverstones drought resistant flowers decoration garden corner Pebble

Flower bed in front of the House

decoration landscape front yard design grass flowers House

Weather – and drought-resistant plants

flowerbed plant species staircase garden figures grass

Striking red door flowers red front door garden figures grass

Clean and organized

flowers stairs species garden figures grass

Sunny flowers – water system for more extravagance

flowerbed garden pond River stones garden figures grass stained

Formally landscaped front yard

garden figures grass plants fence edge

Pebble and stone flooring

Succulents exotic garden figures grass sand stones

Comfortably designed

roof common garden creatures grass steps Stone

veranda garden design Steinplaten floor flowers

Garden design ideas

front yard design Shrub tree summer house

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